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Refurb or replace – what to consider when upgrading your commercial heating system

Cast iron boilers and a closed and pressurised heating system.

What to consider when you are refurbishing your plant room. Understand your heating and hot water replacement options.

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How to size a low loss header

Low loss header

Understand how to size a low loss header to maximise efficiency in residential and commercial heating systems

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What is a low loss header? And when to use one.

Stratton wall hung boiler with low loss header

Understand low loss headers and hydraulic separation, when to use a low loss header, and their benefits and disadvantages.

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Temporary boiler plant rooms

Mobile boiler plant rooms can help with refurbishment projects.

Temporary boiler plant rooms can overcome issues when refurbishing old plant to guarantee an uninterrupted heating and hot water supply.

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Hydraulic separation in heating systems

A plate heat exchanger can be used to hydraulically separate a heating system.

When it comes to refurbishments, it is important to protect new equipment. This can be done by hydraulically separating the primary and secondary circuit. We look at different methods to achieve this.

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Condition Improvement Fund

Condition Improvement Fund for school boilers

Looking to fund your school boiler refurbishment? The Condition Improvement Fund could be right for you. Learn more about how it works, who is eligible and what projects can be funded.

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Open vented heating systems compared with sealed systems

Sealed heating system schematic

Open vented boiler systems have been traditionally used. In modern times, sealed heating systems are the favourite choice. We look at differences between both and how to deal with them when refurbishing your heating system.

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Low loss headers explained

low loss header diagram schematic

Why should you use a low loss header in your commercial heating system? We explain how it works and what benefits it can have for your heating system.

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Life cycle costs of a heating system

Lifecycle costs of commercial heating systems

When purchasing new equipment, there is always the question concerning upfront costs and running costs. In this article, we compare both of them and explain the advantages of looking at the long-term costs of heating equipment.

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Changing boilers from atmospheric to condensing

Changing from atmospheric boilers to condensing boilers.

Refurbishing a commercial heating system can bring many challenges. In this article, we're looking at older heating systems and what needs to be considered when preparing them for a change from atmospheric boilers to condensing boilers.

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