Powerstock glass lined calorifier
Powerstock glass lined calorifier installed

Glass lined calorifier for indirect fired hot water storage.

7 models of calorifier with continuous outputs (@44°C ∆T) of 569, 682, 1173, 1460, 1760, 1627, 1858 l/h.

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Product information

    • Power outputs 29-96kW and storage capacities of 160-958 litres.
    • Safe and clean indirect fired domestic hot water generation - want to know the difference between Indirect vs Direct Hot Water Systems?
    • Integrates easily with renewable energy sources and heating commercial boilers.
    • Long life with corrosion protection from magnesium anodes.
    • Flexibility in design of commercial heating and hot water systems.
    • Low cost solution with easy installation and no flue requirements.
    • Twin coils to connect to two energy sources (on the PS300-PS1000 models) or connect in series for an extended surface area single coil.
    • Easy access to plant room as the most Powerstock hot water calorifiers fit through a standard doorway.
    • Inspection and clean out door for easy maintenance.
    • Full project assistance with hot water sizing and selection of equipment to match the application.
    • BIM objects available to assist in design and management.
    • Extensive back up and support from our team of experienced engineers across the UK.
    • Long term commitment to spare parts
    • Available for next day delivery (dependent on stock availability, charges apply, order cut-off 12pm).

Technical data

Units PS160
General Data
ErP class B
Storage capacity l 157
Top coil surface area N/A
Top coil volume l N/A
Bottom coil surface area 0.75
Bottom coil volume l 4.9
Max operating pressure (primary - coil) bar 10
Max operating pressure (secondary - storage) bar 10
Max operating temperature (primary - coil) °C 110
Max operating temperature (secondary - storage) °C 70
Weight empty kg 70
Standby losses kW/24hr 1.34
Bottom Coil Only
Continuous output* l/h 501
Heat input kW 29.2
10 min peak output* l 250
Recovery time min 20
Top & Bottom coil connected in series
Continuous output* l/h N/A
Heat input kW N/A
10 min peak output* l N/A
Recovery time min N/A
Destratification pump power supply 230V 50Hz 1 Phase
Destratification pump power consumption W 60
Destratification pump current A 0.35
Electric anode power supply 230V 50Hz 1 Phase
Electric anode power consumption W 23
Electric anode current A 0.1


Powerstock calorifier and water storage brochure

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Powerstock calorifier installation manual

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Powerstock calorifier 160 front view

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Powerstock calorifier 160 plan view

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Powerstock calorifier 160 side view

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Powerstock calorifier 200 front view

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Powerstock calorifier 200 plan view

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Powerstock calorifier 200 side view

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Powerstock calorifier 300 front view

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Powerstock calorifier 300 plan view

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Powerstock calorifier 300 side view

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Powerstock calorifier 400 front view

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Powerstock calorifier 400 plan view

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Powerstock calorifier 400 side view

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Powerstock calorifier 500 front view

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Powerstock calorifier 500 plan view

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Powerstock calorifier 500 side view

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Ideal uses/applications

  • With renewable energy products such as biomass boilers and solar thermal hot water system.
  • Coupled to a heating boiler to provide the domestic hot water for small, medium and large commercial and public buildings including schools, hospitals, offices and hotels.

Optional extras

  • Unvented water supply kit - essential for any unvented application and includes an expansion vessel sized for the water heater and local pipework only.
  • Top to bottom pump recirculation pump kit to prevent stratification and protect against legionella within the water heater.
  • Electrical anode protection.
  • Electric immersion heater kits with ratings of 4kW or 9kW.
  • Choose from a wide range of service contracts to help maintain optimum performance.
  • Book commissioning at the same time as placing your order for improved warranty terms. 

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Case studies

Powerstock calorifier overcomes site flue issues

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Sector: Offices

Project: A calorifier was selected as the ideal product to replace a failed water heater and overcome flue issues on site to get hot water back up and running quickly.

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Building: Grade 1 listed refurbishment

Application: Space heating 1,016kW, domestic hot water 1,000L

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Canford School refurbished one of its 24 plant rooms.

Canford School, Dorset

Sector: Education

Project: A prestigious boarding school in Dorset continued a long-standing relationship to procure its heating and hot water plant from local manufacturer.

Building: Boarding school refurbishment

Application: Space heating, 210kW; indirect fired DHW

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Building: New build residential

Application: Space heating 540kW and domestic hot water

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