Melbury C pressure jet condensing boiler

High outputs and high efficiency performance from this condensing steel shell boiler.

Available in the following outputs (at 80/60°C):  580, 630, 700, 800, 895, 1150, 1300, 1650, 1900, 2500 and 3000kW.

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Fuel NG oil biofuel dualfuel product icon
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Product information

    • Lower running costs with condensing efficiency up to 97% gross.
    • Choice of fuel includes liquid biofuel for renewable energy solutions.
    • Low NOx burners further improve the environmental credentials of the boiler.
    • Manufactured from high quality steel means it’s built to last.
    • Buy in confidence from a UK manufacturer with decades of commercial heating and hot water expertise.
    • Suitable for commercial and industrial applications with high heating and hot water energy demands.
    • Extensive back up and support from our team of experienced engineers across the UK.
    • Long term commitment to spare parts.
    • Installations using models over 1MW thermal input need to comply with the Medium Combustion Plant Directive - please contact us for more information.

Technical data

Unit MC530
Primary heat exchanger
Building regulation seasonal efficiency gross % 95.03
Boiler output 80/60°C kW 530
Equivalent MCPD Output (emission compliance) - new installation kW N/A
Boiler input (gross) max kW 645
Boiler input (net) max kW 581
Boiler output min 80/60°C kW 95
Design flow rate @20°C ΔT rise l/s 6.3
Water side pressure loss @20°C ΔT rise mbar 11
Design flow rate @10°C ΔT rise l/s 12.7
Water side pressure loss @10°C ΔT rise mbar 42
Water flow rate - min l/s No min flow rate
Operating water pressure - max (min) barg 6 (0.55)
Operating water temperature - max °C 95
Water return temperature - min °C 60
Gas flow rate natural gas (G20) - max m3/h 61.5
Gas inlet pressure natural gas (G20) - nominal/max mbar Data on application
Approx. flue gas volume @15°C, 9% CO2 N.T.P m3/h 738
Flue gas temperature @80/60°C °C 209
Nox emission* mg/kWh 80-100
Combustion chamber resistance mbar 5.97
Secondary heat exchanger
Energy output @35/30 - max (min) kW 67 (12)
Standby loss @70°C W 824
Design flow rate @10°C ΔT rise l/s 1.6
Water side pressure loss @10°C ΔT rise mbar 13
Design flow rate @5°C ΔT rise l/s 3.21
Water side pressure loss @5°C ΔT rise mbar 53
Water flow rate - max (min) barg 0.47 (3.21)
Condensate flow rate - max l/h 38
Flue gas temperature @35/30°C °C 33
Flue gas losses @35/30°C % 1.5
Combustion path resistance mbar 2.81
Nominal supply voltage - for boiler 230V 1Ph 50Hz
Approx. shipping weight - excluding burner kg 1450
*(0% excess O2, dry air free) European Class 5


Melbury HE-C 530 - 3000 Installation manual

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