An interim solution for where space is at a premium

If you’re facing a commercial boiler refurbishment project where space is limited and an uninterrupted heating and hot water supply is essential, mobile boiler plant rooms can help.

What is a mobile or temporary boiler plant room?

A mobile boiler plant room is usually a form of trailer which has one or several boilers and/or water heaters installed – essentially a self-contained boiler plant that you can easily connect to an existing system from which you had to disconnect the existing boilers/water heaters. As the name already implies, it is easy to transport to the point of use. When it is referred to as a temporary plant room, it can also be a boiler plant which is installed in a container.

Why would I need a temporary plant room?

Sometimes, a commercial heating project can be more difficult to carry out, such as when there is limited space in the plant room. A temporary heating plant can then bridge the gap between disconnection of the old equipment and installation/operation of the new boilers. It can be connected to the premises and deliver heating and hot water as required.

Does Hamworthy have experience with mobile plant rooms/mobile boiler houses?

Our boilers – mostly Purewell Variheat (mk2s) cast iron condensing boiler - are installed in Cedar Green’s mobile plant rooms, as well as our Powerstock Calorifiers and water heaters.

You can read more about Cedar Green's mobile plant rooms here.

We have supplied a pair of our Stratton mk2 wall hung boilers to Giles Heating here in Poole which they used in their mobile boiler house.

If you are after a high output from a small footprint, you can also get in touch with Cross Rental Services who have container plant rooms with our compact but high output Upton boilers.

Why are Hamworthy boilers suitable for mobile plant rooms?

Our Purewell Variheat cast iron boilers: They have been proven to be very reliable and are especially good with old heating systems due to their large waterways, you can learn more about this here. It is often used in school refurbishments.

Our Stratton mk2 wall hung boilers are compact, efficient and free up space on the (mobile) plant room floor.

Our Upton boilers have a footprint of less than 1m² but can deliver a high output of over 1MW – ideal for those sites that require a high heating output.
All our boilers are compatible with LPG and have the same controls platform. So, once you get to know one boiler, you can control them all. They can also link remotely with a BMS so you can monitor their performance, this is something that Giles Heating are doing with their mobile plant.

If you're looking for temporary boiler plant, check out the companies below:


Do you provide temporary plant rooms with our boilers?

Get in touch and we will add you to the above list.