Thousands of customers have chosen Hamworthy’s experience in their buildings. We deliver the performance you need, efficiencies you want and the support you expect from a commercial heating and hot water specialist.

From hotels to hospitals, cathedrals to community housing developments, there are thousands of buildings across the UK that benefit from our commercial heating expertise.

Choose from the sectors below to see Hamworthy products in action.

Mobile boiler plant rooms

Temporary and packaged plant rooms

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Boilers for schools, universities and daycare

Schools, universities and daycare

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Heating and hot water projects within healthcare and hospitals.

Hospitals, hospices and care homes

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St Paul's Cathedral is just one listed building Hamworthy provided commercial boilers for.

Historic (listed) buildings and churches

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Boilers for hotels and leisure facilities.

Hotels, stadiums, and other leisure facilities

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Hamworthy provides efficient heating to offices and retail developments.

Offices, public buildings and retail spaces

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Hamworthy Heating provides heating and hot water to residential developments and heat networks.

Residential developments and heat networks

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