Upton vertically stacking modular boiler 3 modules high
Upton vertically stacking modular boiler 2 modules high connections
Upton boiler aluminium heat exchanger

Space saving, fully modulating condensing pre-mix floor standing boiler with aluminium heat exchanger.

Available in 6 modules with outputs (@50/30°C) of 98, 147, 197, 246, 295 and 348kW. Individual boiler modules can be stacked one, two or three high in up to 18 combinations, maximum 1,046kW.

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5-year heat exchanger warranty
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Product information

    • Small footprint – get over 1MW from less than 1 metre squared footprint
    • Aluminium heat exchanger provides excellent heat transfer properties and a 5-year warranty
    • Quick to respond with low water content
    • Lightweight and compact modular boiler – ideal for city centre developments
    • Parallel water flow for an even surface temperature across the aluminium heat exchanger
    • Highly efficient up to 97% gross seasonal efficiency exceeds legislation and reduces energy use
    • High turndown ratio for close load matching further improves efficiencies
    • Assists designers with changing project requirements - gas and water connection positions identical on all models
    • Easy access for service and system cleaning – combustion analysis and drain point at front of boiler
    • Built in boiler sequence controls capable of controlling up to 16 boiler modules and hot water circuits
    • Low noise to enable installation close to building occupants
    • Environmentally friendly low NOx emission (European Class 6)
    • 6 bar rated heat cell
    • Air inlet filter for clean combustion and reduced noise
    • Simplified primary circuit design with a choice of complete optional kits from Hamworthy to include – flow and return pipework kit, optional matched boiler pumps, low loss header with combined air and dirt separator, connection points and manifold extension kits (Please note: We are currently changing our pipework kits. To confirm which pipe kit you need to specify please talk to your local contact)
    • BIM objects available to assist in design and management
    • Shortlisted for a trio of awards: H&V News Award 2018 - Commercial HVAC Product of the YearHVR Awards 2018 - Commercial/Industrial Heating Product of the Year and SEAI Energy Awards Best Innovative Product
    • MCPD - The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) is legislation that regulates individual combustion plants with a rated thermal input greater than or equal to 1MW but less than 50MW. The Upton UF1050-3 falls into this category. The boiler is compliant with the emission limit values but registration/permission is required from the relevant authority before the plant can be put to service. Find out more here.

Technical data

Units UF100-1
No. of modules 1
Building Regulations Part L seasonal efficiency % gross 97.4
Building Regulations Part L seasonal efficiency % nett 108.2
Boiler output 80/60°C kW 89.1
Boiler output 50/30°C kW 98.6
Boiler input gross (maximum) kW 103
Boiler input nett (maximum) kW 92.8
Boiler output 80/60°C (minimum) kW 17.8
Boiler output 50/30°C (minimum) kW 19.7
Water content litres 9
System design flow rate @ 11°C ∆T rise l/s 2.2
Water side pressure loss @ 11°C ∆T rise mbar 736
System design flow rate @ 20°C ∆T rise l/s 1.2
Water side pressure loss @ 20°C ∆T rise mbar 225
Minimum operating water pressure barg 0.5
Maximum operating water pressure barg 5.3
Maximum water pressure barg 6
Maximum flow temperature setting °C 85
Minimum flow temperature setting °C 30
Gas flow rate (maximum) (Nat gas) m3/hr 9.8
Gas flow rate (maximum) (LPG) m3/hr 3.8
Nominal inlet pressure (Nat gas) mbar 20
Nominal inlet pressure (LPG) mbar 37
Maximum inlet pressure (Nat gas) mbar 25
Maximum inlet pressure (LPG) mbar 45
Approx flue gas volume @ 72°C , 9.0% CO2 m3/hr 155
Maximum flue gas temperature @ 80/60°C °C 72
Maximum flue gas temperature @ 50/30°C °C 42
Pressure available at flue connection Pa mbar 150 1.5
NOx Class 6
Water flow/return connections inches R2-11
Gas inlet connection pipe thread size inches G1¼
Flue connection diameter (I/D) mm 130
Condensate trap connections (O/D) mm 34
Electrical supply 230V ~ 50Hz
Power consumption - maximum boiler modulation W 139
Run current (per module) Amp 0.6
Approx shipping weight kg 152
Noise emission @1m @max modulation (per module) Max dB (A) 55.8


Upton boiler brochure

Product brochures 9565 kb

500001305-B QAA73.210 Programmable Room Unit Guide.pdf

Installers guides 1783 kb

AGU 2.550 Kit instructions

Installers guides 445 kb

LPB Expansion Kit Instructions

Installers guides 2358 kb

Navistem B3000 controller instruction manual

Installers guides 2177 kb

QAA55 room unit programming instructions

Installers guides 153 kb

QAA74 - Technical Manual

Installers guides 1640 kb

QAA74 Quick Reference Guide

Installers guides 178 kb

Siemens room operator units QAA55, QAA75, QAA78, AVS13, AVS14, AVS71

Installers guides 6621 kb

Upton boiler installation, commissioning and operating manual

Installers guides 9664 kb

Upton boiler pipe kit manual.pdf

Installers guides 5579 kb

Upton boiler user instructions.pdf

Installers guides 74 kb

Upton scheme 1 sealed primary, open vented secondary with plate heat exchanger

Hydraulic schematics 148 kb

Upton scheme 2 sealed system with pump per boiler

Hydraulic schematics 156 kb

Upton scheme 3 sealed system, single pipe, individual boiler pump and LLH

Hydraulic schematics 156 kb

Upton scheme 4 sealed system, flow isolation valve, LLH

Hydraulic schematics 156 kb

Upton 100 & 150kw CAD

CAD 1824 kb

Upton 200 & 250kW models

CAD 1821 kb

Upton UF100-1 & UF150-1

CAD 1539 kb

Upton UF1050-3

CAD 3928 kb

Upton UF200-1 & UF250-1

CAD 1565 kb

Upton UF200-2 & UF300-2

CAD 2864 kb

Upton UF300-1 & UF350-1

CAD 1565 kb

Upton UF300-3 & UF450-3

CAD 3950 kb

Upton UF400-2 & UF500-2

CAD 2828 kb

Upton UF600-2

CAD 2787 kb

Upton UF600-3 & UF750-3

CAD 3909 kb

Upton UF700-2

CAD 2860 kb

Upton UF900-3

CAD 3841 kb


CAD 3863 kb


CAD 4566 kb


CAD 3887 kb


CAD 4342 kb


CAD 4438 kb


CAD 4859 kb

Ideal uses/applications

Optional extras

  • Pipework header kits to include matched boiler pumps, safety relief valve and automatic air vent (Please note: We are currently changing our pipework kits. To confirm which pipe kit you need to specify please talk to your local contact)
  • Low loss header with integrated air and dirt separator (Want to know 'What is a low loss header?')
  • 3 port extension manifold
  • Blanking plates with tappings for system safety relief valve and pressurisation unit
  • Multiple boiler controls
  • Room & outside temperature sensors
  • LPB bus communications modules
  • Zone control
  • DHW cylinder sensor kit
  • Flues available through our flue partner Jeremias UK
  • Single Boiler Controls
  • Multiple Boiler Controls
  • Choose from a wide range of service contracts to help maintain optimum performance
  • Book commissioning at the same time as placing your order for improved warranty terms.

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Case studies

Upton House listed building uses Hamworthy commercial boilers

Upton House

Sector: Listed building refurbishment

Project: Grade II* listed building Upton House in Poole was in need of a boiler plant refurbishment. Thanks to Hamworthy looking for a test site and a close co-operation between council and manufacturer, a space-saving Upton boiler was installed. This improved the heating control to different floors of the building.

Building: Listed building plant room refurbishment

Application: Space heating 394kW

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