Help with identifying fault and error codes

Use the tool below for instant help with common error codes on Hamworthy commercial boilers and water heaters.

Simply select the product and then type in the error code as displayed on the screen. For boilers with Siemens LMS controls do not include any letters. For all other products make sure you include the letters and numbers, e.g. E161 

*Note - This tool only displays fault codes for the following products:

  • Boilers with Siemens LMS controls - Upton, Purewell Variheat mk2, Wessex ModuMax mk3, Stratton mk2, and Varmax. 
  • Boilers with Siemens LMU controls - Purewell VariHeat, Fleet, Stratton mk1, and Wessex ModuMax mk2 & HE.
  • Water Heaters - Dorchester DR-FC Evo, Dorchester DR-CC

For all other products please refer to the operating manual as these list all the fault codes and explanations per product.



If you still need help, please email or call us on 01202 662505.

Error codes that are not listed and any work on commercial boilers and water heaters should only be investigated by a trained and competent person.

Should an error code appear which cannot be reset, or an error code repeatedly occurs, contact our technical team for assistance. Do not continue to operate or use the boiler/water heater as this may cause damage to the controls.

You may also want to refer to the product operating manual. If you don’t have a copy to hand you can download an electronic copy in the online technical library.