Find the answers to all the questions we get asked regularly. Take a look at Hamworthy FAQs below.


What are the options when a heat pump might not suit retrofit specification?

  • System design

Optimizing specifications with a hybrid heat pump heating system.

What is the maximum working pressure of the Wessex range?

  • Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler
  • Data

The maximum pressure rating of the Wessex is 10bar.

What does the fault code on my Hamworthy boiler mean?

Our commercial boilers and water heaters will detect a fault and allocate a code that is shown on the control display. To help you identify common fault and error codes we have an online fault code finder.

Will the Wessex ModuMax mk3 be easy to get into the plantroom?

  • Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler
  • Delivery

Yes, each module is delivered fully assembled and even the largest 762kW model will pass through a standard doorway.

Can the Wessex ModuMax boiler run on an open vented system?

  • Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler
  • System design

Yes. The Wessex ModuMax boiler is able to operate on an open vented heating system.

Can the Purewell Variheat boiler run on an open vented system?

  • Purewell Variheat mk2 condensing cast iron boiler
  • System design

Yes. The Purewell Variheat boiler is able to operate on an open vented heating system.

Does the Ensbury boiler need shunt pumps & a minimum flow rate?

  • Ensbury pressure jet boiler
  • System design

The Ensbury boilers do not require back end protection pumps. There is no minimum flow rate required with these boilers for purposes of cooling, however minimum flow rates need to be maintained to maintain energy output.

Do you offer FORS delivery?

  • Delivery

FORS stands for Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). It is an accreditation scheme that aims to raise levels of safety, efficiency and environmental protection in fleet operators. 

Do Hamworthy boilers contain asbestos?

  • Discontinued products
  • Safety

They may contain asbestos dependent upon the age and model of the boiler.