Condition Improvement Fund to finance school improvements

What is the Condition Improvement Fund?

The Condition Improvement Fund (CIF) is an annual bidding round by the Education Funding Agency (EFA). 

Who can apply for the Condition Improvement Fund?

Single academy trusts, small multi-academy trusts (MATs) and sixth-form colleges.

What is the purpose of the Condition Improvement Fund?

Primarily, it is aimed at improving the overall condition of academies and sixth-form colleges. It is reserved for cases with significant consequences that cannot be met by revenue or Devolved Formula Capital (DFC) funding. These can involve building compliance or health and safety risks, energy efficiency as well as the building condition.

How are projects prioritised in the Condition Improvement Fund?

Highest priority is given to rectify compliance and health and safety issues, such as fire protection systems, electrical safety or emergency asbestos removal. Academies and sixth form colleges are then given priority if their projects are concerning weather tightness or continuous school heating and water supply.

What are the deadlines for the Condition Improvement Fund?

The deadlines are published later in the year and are usually at the end of November/beginning of December.

Due to the long application process, project specification and requirements should be prepared in advance to secure a bid.

How can Hamworthy help with school boiler refurbishments under the Condition Improvement Fund?

Hamworthy can perform a free site survey to review your current school boilers and water heaters. We can then provide a recommended heating/hot water upgrade that is best suited to your school’s requirements. This can be used as part of your Condition Improvement Fund application/project specification/financial justification. An example is the plant room refurbishment with new school boilers and water heaters at Abbey Hill Academy.

When is the next round of the Condition Improvement Fund released?

The date is usually set for April in the year after the application has been submitted.

Where can I find more details about the Condition Improvement Fund?

For further information and deadlines, visit the official Condition Improvement Fund website.