Wall hung and floor standing, single and twin pump pressurisation units for use in sealed heating systems.

Available in 5 models with single and twin pump options.

Product information

    • Choice of floor standing or wall hung models giving greater flexibility in plant room design.
    • Removes the need for cold water header tank and eliminates reliance on mains pressure to provide the system head.
    • Electronic controls provide enhanced user interface through  back-lit LCD display.
    • Cold fill pressures of up to 3 bar.
    • Automatic system safety shut down and interlock in the event of a system fault.
    • Wide choice of compatible Burstock expansion vessels with sizes from 25 litres to 2000 litres.
    • Maintains minimum pressure requirements of low / medium temperature sealed heating sealed systems (you can read about the differences of Sealed 'v' Open Vented heating systems here).
    • All models compatible with Building Management Systems (BMS).
    • Buy in confidence from a UK manufacturer with decades of commercial heating and hot water expertise.
    • BIM objects available to assist in design and management.

Technical data

Units SW
Configuration Wall Mounted
Pump Single
Controls Electronic
General data
Weight (empty) kg 23.5
Weight (full) kg 30.5
Maximum cold fill pressure bar 3
Minimum cold fill pressure bar 1
Maximum water flow rate l/min 35
Maximum water flow rate @maximum cold fill pressure l/min 12
Noise level dBA <70
Electrical supply 230 V AC 50Hz 1Ph
Pressure transducer contact rating 4-20ma
Volt free contact rating 6a/240v
Start current (per pump motor) Amps 7.3
Run current (per pump motor) Amps 1.9
Factory Settings
Cold fill pressure bar 2.5
Low pressure setting bar 0.7
High pressure setting bar 4
Expansion vessel charge pressure bar 1.7
System parameters for factory settings
Maximum water flow temperature °C 80
Maximum static height m 40.5
Minimum system operating pressure bar 0.7
Maximum system operating pressure bar 4
Nominal pressure differential bar 0.3
Mains cold water inlet inch 1/2
Overflow (polythene pipe) diameter mm 20
System connection compression fitting, diameter mm 15


Chesil mk2 data sheet

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