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Combine but also separate the old from the new for an efficient heating system

To help support the installation of our latest Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler onto existing heating systems, we've also introduced a range of Plate Heat Exchangers, for increased boiler protection and performance.

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How to size a low loss header

Low loss header

Understand how to size a low loss header to maximise efficiency in residential and commercial heating systems

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What is a low loss header? And when to use one.

Stratton wall hung boiler with low loss header

Understand low loss headers and hydraulic separation, when to use a low loss header, and their benefits and disadvantages.

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Efficient heating system design with built-in boiler controls

Correct boiler control setup helps to improve heating system efficiency.

An often overlooked aspect of energy efficiency is correct monitoring of external factors which influence the temperature in a building, understanding the usage of premises and how to set up boiler controls correctly. We look how these can assist to set up an efficient heating system.

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Cleaner Heat Cashback

The Government has introduced a commercial boiler scrappage scheme for London to cut carbon and NOx emissions in the capital to improve air quality and energy efficiency in non-domestic buildings. We take a look at the criteria for a replacement, how the application works and how you can become a Hamworthy-approved installer.

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Driving condensing boiler efficiency

Who's driving efficiency improvements?

In 2015, we saw the introduction of the Energy-related Products Directive. What is the aim of this legislation and what impact does it have on the commercial heating and hot water market?

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ErP Energy Labelling

An ErP Energy Label.

Energy labels indicating energy efficiency were introduced in 2015 to be applied to consumer products. A part of our product range is also affected.

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ErP Directive for water heaters

ErP timeline for water heaters.

The ErP Directive does not only affect boilers but also water heaters. The requirements are not limited to energy efficiency and noise levels. Read our article to find out more.

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ErP-compliant boilers

The Energy-related Products Directive was one of the major legislations which has almost eradicated atmospheric boilers from the market. Learn more about the directive and its requirements here.

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Condition Improvement Fund

Condition Improvement Fund for school boilers

Looking to fund your school boiler refurbishment? The Condition Improvement Fund could be right for you. Learn more about how it works, who is eligible and what projects can be funded.

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