Take a tour of our Wessex ModuMax mk3 modular boiler


Discover the attributes of this modular condensing boiler including wide delta Ts, high operating temperatures and accurate control for energy saving performanc...

Look inside our Purewell Variheat mk2 cast iron boiler


Look under the covers and discover the features of this product – from large heat exchanger waterways to the ability to disassemble for hard to access plant roo...

Varmax no flow boiler – walk around the main features


How does the Varmax operate with no flow? We open the doors to this boiler to show you the internal circulation loop, large thermal mass and easy access for ser...

BESA Conference - Hydrogen Roundtable


Part of the BESA conference 2021, Hamworthy discusses the challenges and benefits of Hydrogen plus questions from the audience.

Dorset Map with products


Ever wondered how we choose the names for our products? We take inspiration from our roots of Dorset. How many place names do you recognise?

Purewell Variheat cast iron condensing boiler - our customers’ thoughts


We have asked our customers what they like about our Purewell Variheat cast iron condensing boiler. https://www.hamworthy-heating.com/Purewell-Variheat-mk2 Se...

Cast iron condensing boiler heat exchanger – How does it work?


See how the heat exchanger in our cast iron condensing boiler works. https://www.hamworthy-heating.com/Purewell-Variheat-mk2 We met with one of our design...

Upton boiler heat exchanger development


See how the aluminium heat exchanger for our new modular boiler has been designed and developed. Years of research, development and testing have gone into devel...

Introducing the new Upton boiler


Get over 1MW output from less than 1 metre squared footprint. This new modular condensing gas boiler is one of the most compact boilers available for commercial...

Have you met the Stainless Family of commercial boilers and calorifiers?


Stainless Steel is a strong, corrosion resistant material that provides a long life for boilers and calorifiers. Meet the members of our growing Stainless Famil...

Meet the Purewell Variheat mk2


See how we have developed our customers’ favourite boiler for refurbishment projects.

How do we design and manufacture our commercial boilers in Great Britain?


Meet the people at Hamworthy Heating who research, design, develop, manufacture and test the Wessex ModuMax commercial boilers. Find out how we responded to c...

Wessex ModuMax mk3 condensing commercial boiler - see how the benefits stack up


Discover the new features of the latest generation of Wessex ModuMax condensing boilers from British commercial boiler manufacturer, Hamworthy Heating. The...

Commercial Boiler Refurbishment Project at Cheltenham Racecourse


Commercial heating and hot water refurbishment project at Cheltenham Racecourse. Find out how the racecourse is benefiting from 22% savings in gas bills thanks...

Commercial Boiler Refurbishment Project at The Langham Hotel, London


The prestigious hotel in London needed a robust heating solution for their rooftop plant room that could deal with the 24/7 critical heating and hot water deman...

Hot Water Stratification Management


This animation shows the process of stratification within a Hamworthy Dorchester DR-LA water heater and how the de-stratification kit manages the risk of legion...

Hot Water Legionella Protection Cycle


This short animation shows the legionella protection cycle process inside a Hamworthy Dorchester DR-LA direct fired water heater in more detail.