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As we continue to lead the way in commercial heating by ensuring our heating products are at the forefront of technology, we’ve taken the next step forward with the launch of our new Tyneham natural refrigerant heat pumps. Featuring R290 and CO2 refrigerant, our new generation of monobloc air source heat pumps can achieve temperatures of up to 75°C.

Tyneham 290HT

Using natural refrigerant, the Tyneham 290HT can achieve higher flow temperatures, whilst benefiting from a low global warming potential (GWP) of just 3, which is not only good for the planet, but also makes good commercial sense.  Highly efficient with a coefficient of performance (COP) rating of up to 4.94, the Tyneham 290HT is available in five outputs from 15kW through to 50kW.

Tyneham 290HT commercial air source heat pump - group



Tyneham CO2 and CO2Q

For installations where space is limited, our new Tyneham CO2 and CO2Q range of heat pumps can be installed flush against a wall or back-to-back with another unit. Benefitting from a low global warming potential of just 1, thanks to its use of R744 (CO2) natural refrigerant, the Tyneham CO2 range features a co-efficiency of performance (COP) rating of up to 3.4 and is available in 65 130-kW models.

Quiet in operation, with noise levels as low as 64dB9A (CO2Q), our new range extension of heat pumps with natural refrigerants includes an invertor-controlled compressor that can control the building temperature based on specific requirements of the space, further enhancing the efficiency of a building. 

Tyneham CO2 and CO2Q natural refrigerant commercial air source heat pump


A Tyneham for every situation

Specifically designed for use in larger commercial buildings, this latest generation of heat pumps, which can be used in cascade to achieve even higher outputs, can also be installed alongside other Hamworthy Heating boilers for a hybrid heating solution

With the ability to achieve higher flow temperatures, the Tyneham 290HT and Tyneham CO2 & CO2Q range is a perfect fit for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) applications whilst offering a practical and cost-effective solution for a wide range of retrofit installations.

Designed to ensure our customers have the best and most advanced solutions for a range of heating and hot water applications, the latest models also come with aftercare and support customers can expect from Hamworthy Heating. 

For further information on our range of heat pumps, read up on our product pages or contact your local Hamworthy Area Sales Manager