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What are expansion vessels for unvented kits?

How an expansion vessel works

Understand expansion vessels for unvented kits, for use in an unvented hot water system, including flow jet valves. More about the benefits, including legionella prevention.

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What is an Unvented Kit?

Direct fired water heaters installed in an unvented system at an Aademy

Understand unvented hot water systems, closed systems and discover what is included in an unvented kit

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Indirect Hot Water Cylinders and Storage Tanks

Hot water calorifiers and storage tanks

What is an indirect water cylinder or tank? Exploring calorifiers and indirect fired hot water cylinders and tanks, their features and benefits.

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How does a calorifier work?

Twin coil calorifiers for indirect heating

Find out how a calorifier, or indirect fired hot water cylinder, works as part of an indirect fired hot water system.

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What is a calorifier?

Hot water calorifiers

Ever wondered what exactly a calorifier is? We explain how a calorifier works and what it's used for in heating and hot water systems.

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Comparing direct and indirect fired water heaters

Comparing Indirect vs Direct hot water systems - which system is best for me?

What is the difference between direct and indirect fired hot water systems? What does it depend on and whether I should choose one over the other? We shed light on this topic in this article.

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