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Modular boilers load matching in heat networks

District heating networks benefit from accurate load matching from modular boilers.

How do you design a heat network to efficiently match peak and low heat loads? Find out how to create a high boiler turndown ratio for your modular boiler system

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Modular boilers for heat networks

Modular boilers in district heating networks

Modular boilers are a compact and flexible solution. In heat networks, they can provide an excellent back up and top up solution to support other equipment such as CHP. Learn more about why modular boilers are being used in district heating schemes.

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What are district heating networks

What is a district heating network?

One of the Government's carbon-saving initiatives is the use of heat networks. What do they consist of and what benefits do they have?

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Changing heating system design with wide temperature differentials

Wide differential temperatures in heat networks

Wider temperature differentials are increasingly used to design commercial heating systems. We investigate how this affects heating system performance and what you need to understand when designing these systems.

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