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ErP Energy Labelling

An ErP Energy Label.

Energy labels indicating energy efficiency were introduced in 2015 to be applied to consumer products. A part of our product range is also affected.

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ErP Directive for water heaters

ErP timeline for water heaters.

The ErP Directive does not only affect boilers but also water heaters. The requirements are not limited to energy efficiency and noise levels. Read our article to find out more.

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ErP-compliant boilers

The Energy-related Products Directive was one of the major legislations which has almost eradicated atmospheric boilers from the market. Learn more about the directive and its requirements here.

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Corrosion protection for water tanks water heaters

How to protect water heaters and water tanks from corrosion

Protecting your water heater is essential to ensure a continous hot water supply without breakdown. What are the available means to protect water heaters from corrosion? We've compiled information for you in this article.

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What is a calorifier?

Hot water calorifiers

Ever wondered what exactly a calorifier is? We explain how a calorifier works and what it's used for in heating and hot water systems.

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Sizing hot water systems for sports facilities

Sizing hot water systems

Sizing hot water systems is a science in itself. Getting it right means you have a sufficient hot water supply without the risk of paying more for hot water you don't need. Find out more in our article.

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Condition Improvement Fund

Condition Improvement Fund for school boilers

Looking to fund your school boiler refurbishment? The Condition Improvement Fund could be right for you. Learn more about how it works, who is eligible and what projects can be funded.

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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)

Non-domestic private rented properties are required to meet a minimum threshold when it comes to energy efficiency. This is regulated in the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards which were enforced in the Energy Act in 2011. We have put together some information on this for you.

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Energy legislation

Understand energy efficiency legislation.

Over the last few years, the government has introduced legislation to achieve carbon savings targets. Do you know which legislation exists? Have a look at this page to learn about it and what's behind the acronyms.

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Load matching in multiple boiler installations

Load matching in multiple boiler systems

The use of several small boilers compared to one big boiler can make your heating system a lot more efficient. How it works - learn more about the benefits of large turndown ratios and improved system efficiencies.

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