Commercial heating system design

As experts in commercial heating, Hamworthy Heating is here to support you every step of the way.

From design and manufacture of our commercial boilers to the hydraulic design of your heating system we have people and resources to help you. Locate your local contact if you would like to talk to a technical sales manager about the most appropriate boiler for your commercial heating system.

Research and development

We know commercial heating, it’s our job to. But when we design our commercial boilers we think beyond the product itself to how it will fit into your system design. This includes material of the heat exchanger, efficiencies, outputs, boiler size, and optional accessories such as pipe kits to help aid installation.

The Stainless family of boilers and calorifier

A range of commercial heating solutions to suit your requirements

The one size fits all approach is definitely not something we adopt at Hamworthy Heating, and neither should you in your commercial heating system design. That is why we have developed commercial boilers that are suited to different heating systems.

Take our Purewell Variheat mk2 cast iron boiler – due to its cast iron heat exchanger and large waterways it is very resilient to older heating circuits and the debris that can be found in these systems. That’s why it is best suited to refurbishment projects. The latest evolution of cast iron boilers that spans 45 years, the Purewell VariHeat is backed up by a 10-year warranty. Plus, it is the only commercial, cast iron, pre mix condensing boiler that is compliant with the Energy Related Products Directive (ErP).

Compare this with our Upton modular boiler which can only be used on a sealed heating system (read about the differences between Sealed 'v' Open Vented heating systems here). It is best suited to new build projects or systems where the primary circuit is completely separated from the secondary heating circuit with the use of a plate heat exchanger.

For district heating schemes and commercial heating systems that require a wider delta T our Wessex ModuMax mk 3 condensing boilers can operate at up to 40⁰C temperature differential, giving you flexibility in your commercial heating system design. The modular boilers design of the Wessex ModuMax mk3 boilers means they take up less space in the plant room as they can be stacked vertically 2 or 3 high.

And of course for those projects that have a substantial heat load we can provide large output steel boilers up to 10MW in the Melbury HE and up to 3MW in the Melbury C range of floor standing boilers.

Resources to aid design

As it can be difficult to remember the differences between our commercial boiler ranges we provide a large online technical library of information, tools and drawings to help you. You can either visit the full technical library to browse all the resources or go directly to the page you need from CAD drawings, BIM files, product brochures, installation manuals, dimensional drawings and data tables. Plus for many of our commercial boiler ranges we provide hydraulic schematic drawings to help with heating system design.

The hydraulic schematic drawings can be found in the back of the product brochures or on the product webpage download tab for all condensing boilers. View the complete list of available hydraulic schematic drawings.

The hydraulic schemes show how to design different systems with our boilers. They show sealed systems, open vented systems with a low loss header arrangement, hydraulic separation of the primary and secondary heating circuits and options for integration of a hot water calorifier to provide domestic hot water.