For every building, there is a Hamworthy solution. Offering a complete range of efficient commercial boilers, low carbon heat pumps and hot water heaters, the Hamworthy range has everything you need to create the complete plant room solution, backed by a friendly and knowledgeable team to support you every step of the way!

Our range of commercial boilers have been developed to suit different heating system requirements. Read on to learn more: 

Wessex Modumax mk3 floor standing modular boiler

  • 40°C differential temperature – ideal for district heating schemes
  • 90°C operating temperature
  • 10 bar pressure for high-rise buildings and basement plant rooms
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger with 10-year warranty
  • 97-762kW output

Read the full specification of our market leading floor standing boiler, here

Stratton mk3 wall hung boiler: designed for quick and easy installation

  • Less than 2 meters from the ground from the top of the frame – ideal for low-height plant rooms
  • Concentric flue connector and integral flue gas and non-return valve – reduce space above boiler
  • Durable stainless steel heat exchanger – quick installation on-site
  • 42.2 – 154.5kW output

Discover our range of wall hung boilers here.

Varmax floor standing boiler: simple installation 

  • High and low-temperature return connections – for use with dual systems such as underfloor heating and domestic hot water
  • Internal circulation pump – reduces purchase and installation costs by removing the need for ancillary equipment such as low-loss headers, pumps, etc
  • Wide differential temperature to meet modern system design requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 127-637kW output 

Discover more about our floor standing, high output condensing boiler with a stainless steel heat exchanger, here

Upton: Packing power and efficiency into small spaces

  • 1MW output from 1m2 footprint – ideal for city centre plant rooms
  • Up to 15:1 turndown ratio for accurately matching your heating demand
  • Highly efficient – 97% seasonal efficiency
  • Precision-engineered aluminium heat exchanger maximises the heat transfer
  • 98-1,047kW output

Learn more about our space saving floor standing boiler with aluminium heat exchange, here

With decades of commercial heating experience behind us, we understand the importance and value of finding ecologically efficient solutions, now more than ever. With heat pumps playing a key role in the UK's drive to Net Zero, why not consider our innovative range of air source heat pumps?

Tyneham heat pumps: efficient and eco friendly 

  • Inverter controlled compressor – to accurately meet heat demands
  • R32 refrigerant – low global warming potential
  • COP rating up to 4.85 – highly efficient 
  • Noise level as low as 84 bB(A) – silent and inobtrusive
  • Light and compact – ease of installation and delivery
  • 14 – 70kW output

Read the full specification for the Tyneham monobloc air source heat pump here.

Whether you prefer to separate your commercial heating and hot water systems or couple to a calorifier, we have the solution. With our stainless steel direct-fired water heaters, calorifiers and storage tanks, our selection of commercial water heaters can accurately match your building requirements.

Dorchester DR-SG stainless steel water heater: efficient and powerful

  • Stainless steel storage tank, heat exchanger and coil – durable under challenging water conditions
  • Lightweight and slim design – Easily transportable on-site
  • Integrated flue non-return – simple to connect to existing flue systems
  • 360 – 2190 (@50°C delta T)

Learn more about the range, here

Calorifiers - Easy installation and cost effective

  • Indirect fired - want to know the difference between Indirect vs Direct Hot Water Systems?
  • Easily couples to existing or new commercial boiler
  • Quick recovery
  • Twin coils for multiple energy sources 
  • 390 – 1,858 l/h continuous outputs
  • Storage volumes – 160 – 1000 litres

Discover the Powerstock glass lined calorifier and the Halstock stainless steel calorifier.

Resources to aid design

For more information on our commercial heating and hot water ranges, why not take a look at our large online technical library of information, tools and drawings to help decide? 

Either visit the full technical library to browse all our resources or go directly to the product page you need for our CAD drawings, BIM files, product pages, product brochures, installation manuals, dimensional drawings and data tables. Plus, for many of our commercial boiler ranges, we provide hydraulic schematic drawings to help with heating system design.

Whatever you need - there's a Hamworthy for that! 

The one-size-fits-all all approach is not something we adopt at Hamworthy Heating. That’s why we’ve developed a range of products that are suited to a wide range of different projects. Whether its large, small, new or an existing project, Hamworthy has the solution.

As technical experts in commercial heating, the Hamworthy team is here to support you with your project, every step of the way. For advice and support on your next heating and hot water project, talk to your local Hamworthy Sales Manager.