Floor standing boilers are available in a wide range of outputs, materials and fuels so can be closely matched to the needs of each commercial heating project.

As a leading UK manufacturer with a strong heritage in floor standing boilers, our commercial boiler range covers all bases.

Floor standing boiler outputs

Hamworthy commercial floor standing boilers come in a range of outputs starting at 70kW from a Purewell VariHeat mk2 cast iron condensing boiler and up to 10MW from a Melbury HE power flame boiler. Modern condensing floor standing gas boilers are capable of high outputs from a very small footprint.

For example, a vertically stacked Upton boiler can provide more than 1MW output from less than one square metre floor space. This is perfect for projects where space is at a premium, such as city centre developments.

Range of heat exchanger materials

From aluminium to cast iron, through to stainless steel you can be sure to find the best solution for your project.

And don’t forget that Hamworthy has the UK’s only condensing cast iron floor standing boiler that is ErP compliant in the Purewell VariHeat condensing boiler.

Floor standing boiler fuel types

Floor standing boilers also come in a variety of fuel options, ranging from the traditional natural gas and oil boilers through to LPG boilers and liquid biofuel. Our Ensbury and Melbury boilers are available with dual fuel burners on selected models.

Case studies

Don’t just take our word on it though. Take a look through our case studies to see how some of Hamworthy’s floor standing boilers have been used in real projects.