Sector: Offices
Building: Commercial premises
Products: Tyneham air source heat pump
Application: Space heating

The challenge

Familiar with delivering quick solutions to its own customers daily, Shastid Energy was confronted with an unusual dilemma when it came to maintaining its own commercial heating system. Faced with a fault on the existing heat source pump and unable to source a company willing to provide a quote to repair it, Shastid Energy decided to replace its entire heat pump system. However, with only one local company on hand to deliver a reasonable quote, expected delivery times would leave the Shastid team without a working system for up to five months. 


What is a heat pump?

Monobloc air source heat pumps gather heat energy from the surrounding air which, via a heat exchanger, is transferred into the heat pump’s refrigerant and turned into vapour. The vapour is passed through a compressor and turned into a high-pressure, high- temperature refrigerant, raising the temperature to a point that can deliver heat throughout a building’s heating system. Heat pumps don’t require high external temperatures to function; they can continue to operate with external air temperatures
down to -20°C.


The solution

With the prospect of five long and cold winter months ahead, John Atkinson from Shastid Energy turned to Hamworthy Heating for advice. Following a long and solid working relationship, John explained the logistical issues and the delivery problems Shastid Energy were experiencing over a weekly catch up with Hamworthy. Quick to resolve the issue, a new 14kW air source heat pump was delivered to the Shastid offices within three days, ready for installation straight out of the box.

John Atkinson from Shastid Energy commented: 

After many futile attempts to both repair and replace our existing heat pump system, the solution Hamworthy provided us with was a true breath of fresh air.

The Tyneham monobloc air source heat pump range offers superb operational reliability, excellent quality, and outstanding performance backed up by engineering excellence and lifetime support. One of the lightest commercial heat pumps on the market, it features a co-efficiency of performance (COP) rating of up to 4.85, to provide efficient, low-carbon heating. The seven models in the range have six nominal outputs of between 14 to 70kW, which can also be cascaded to achieve higher outputs in larger installations. Incorporating an inverter controller compressor to accurately match the heat demand, Tyneham heat pumps use R32 refrigerant to deliver increased efficiencies. 


Smooth installation & excellent support

Designed with installers in mind, Tyneham heat pump components are conveniently housed in the main unit which is compact and lightweight for ease of commission and installation. Quickly and expertly installed by Shastid Energy’s very own Engineering Managers, Peter Millgate and Daniel Martin, the new system was successfully up and running within two short days, restoring the building with heat once more.

John concludes: 

We’ve been dealing with Hamworthy on a weekly basis for years on quotations for replacement boilers and spares and we’ve always received excellent service. Based on our personal experience of the Tyneham, we wouldn’t hesitate to use Hamworthy again for heat pumps


Coming together for an efficient solution

With decades of commercial heating experience behind them, both Hamworthy Heating and Shastid Energy understand the value of finding an ecologically and efficient solution. With heat pumps playing an important role in this, Shastid Energy now has a reliable and sustainable system in place for years to come.