Sector: Hotel
Building: Hotel boiler plant room refurbishment
Products: Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler
Application: Space heating 6,750kW, domestic hot water

The prestigious Langham Hotel in Regent Street, London had an ageing hotel heating system. Installed in their rooftop plant room was two large shell and tube boilers from the late 1980s. They had come to the end of their economic life and were unlikely last another heating season. They needed a reliable hotel boiler that could match the high heating and hot water demand but was also light enough to be installed on the roof of the hotel. 

The solution

Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax condensing modular boilers were specified by Kontrax Management Ltd to meet the 24/7 demands of the hotel’s heating and hot water.

The hotel boilers were chosen due to their ability to accurately match the heating demand and the condensing boilers could be broken down into small modules and carried up the stairs to the rooftop plant room.

Steve Collins, Director of Kontrax Management Ltd, commented,

“The modular boilers solution enables close load matching and using multiple boilers increases system security – a crucial factor for a hotel which can’t be without heating or hot water. With access difficult and space in the plant room tight, the modular, vertically stacking design meant the Wessex ModuMax boilers were best suited to this project.”

In total 27 x 250kW condensing boiler modules were installed in vertical stacks of three providing a system turndown ratio of 135:1 compared to the 2:1 that was previously installed. The condensing boilers provide the heat for the 380 room hotel as well as being the heat source for hot water calorifiers to deliver the hot water for the hotel. The building is fairly thermal efficient with double glazing so a large amount of the energy is used for providing hot water for the showers, catering etc.

Wessex ModuMax boilers are compact and can be stacked vertically enabling them to be installed alongside existing hotel boilers for a smooth changeover. This helps maintain supply of heating and hot water to the hotel and minimises any commercial heating system downtime. The hotel boilers also have low water content making them light enough for a rooftop plant room. 



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