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Bringing the heat to you

A long-standing relationship between Hamworthy Heating and Cedar Green Projects Ltd has seen the introduction of five temporary boiler houses powered by Hamworthy products.

The self-contained trailers are managed by Cedar Green Projects Ltd, a commercial heating and building services company in West Sussex, and use Hamworthy boilers and water heaters to take heat or hot water to site when needed. 

Danny Bulch, Director at Cedar Green Projects Ltd, commented

“We first had a need for a temporary boiler house whilst refurbishing a hospital plant room last year. With the project taking place in November, they couldn’t be without heating through the switchover. From this we saw a niche in the market for this type of product.”

There are currently five trailers available with two more being built. Four of the trailers are used for providing heating and each feature a Purewell VariHeat cast iron condensing boiler, Chesil pressurisation unit and Burstock expansion vessel. The fifth trailer provides hot water using a Dorchester DR-LA water heater that can run on gas, LPG or electrical immersion, depending on what is available. 

Danny went on to say, 

“We chose Hamworthy equipment as we know their products are reliable and long lasting – we use them on all our commercial installations. The Purewell VariHeat boiler was perfect for this as the majority of time it will be installed on old, dirty systems and the large waterways in this cast iron boiler make it particularly robust and able to deal with debris running through the heat exchanger from older heating circuits.”

The temporary boiler houses are being used for refurbishment projects to maintain a continuous supply of heating or hot water during maintenance or replacement. They are also available for emergency cover or disaster management in the event of product failure and at temporary events. 

Cedar Green has a 24-hour hotline and depending on the location a temporary boiler house could be up and running on site within a few hours. For more information on the mobile emergency boiler rooms call 01273 835 134 or visit the Cedar Green Project website.