For every building there is a Hamworthy solution. All backed up by our friendly and knowledgeable staff and a long-term commitment to spare parts.

But which of our commercial boilers is suitable for your building?

Read below to discover the unique features of each of our commercial boiler ranges and how they can help you overcome the issues you face when designing plant rooms, whether it’s for a large, small, new or existing building (refurb), we can provide an answer.

There's a Hamworthy boiler for every building

Upton: Packing power and efficiency into small spaces

  • 1MW output from 1mfootprint – ideal for city centre plant rooms
  • Up to 15:1 turndown ratio for accurately matching your heating demand
  • Highly efficient – 97% seasonal efficiency
  • Precision-engineered aluminium heat exchanger maximises the heat transfer
  • 98-1,047kW output

Read the full specification for the Upton boiler here.

Varmax: Simpler installs with no need for ancillary equipment

  • High and low temperature return connections – for use with dual systems such as underfloor heating and domestic hot water
  • Internal circulation pump – reduces purchase and installation costs by removing the need for ancillary equipment such as low loss headers, pumps, etc
  • Wide differential temperature to meet modern system design requirements
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 127-637kW output 

Read the full specification for the Varmax boiler here.

Purewell Variheat mk2: Cast iron reliability for seasoned pipes

  • Tolerant of older heating systems thanks to the large waterways in its heat exchanger
  • Robust cast iron heat exchanger with 10- year warranty
  • Easy to service and maintain with all components accessible from the front and top
  • Low NOx to comply with London clean air rules; the PV70c model also qualifies for BREEAM New Construction 2018 points
  • 70-180kW output

Read the full specification for the Purewell Variheat mk2 boiler or hear from our customers why they love using it.

Stratton mk2: The complete package for quick & easy installs

  • 2.2m to top of flue header – ideal for low height plant rooms
  • Integrated flue gas non-return valve – reduces space required above the boiler
  • Wall hung boiler with pipework kit for a quick installation on site
  • Lightweight stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 43-146kW output

Read the full specification for the Stratton mk2 wall hung boiler here.

Wessex ModuMax mk3: Built on tradition, designed for modern requirements

  • 40°C differential temperature – ideal for district heating schemes
  • 90°C operating temperature
  • 10 bar pressure for high rise buildings and basement plantrooms
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel heat exchanger with 10-year warranty
  • 97-762kW output

Read the full specification for the Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler here.

One control to rule them all

All these boilers now have standardised controls – so you learn it once and can control the whole boiler range.

  • Advanced sequence control of up to 16 boiler modules
  • Ability to control hot water circuits
  • Choice of control inputs:
    • External enable signals
    • 0-10V analogue heat demand signal
    • Built-in time clock settings
  • Choice of cascade or unison sequencing strategies
  • Lead boiler rotation
  • 7-Day integral clock – 3 programmable periods per day
  • Optimised start and stop based on outside and room air temperatures
  • Constant or variable flow temperature based on outside and room air temperatures
  • Holiday periods
  • Frost protection