Sector: Hospital
Building: Community hospital boiler room refurbishment
Products: Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler, Powerstock glass lined calorifier, Burstock expansion vessel
Application: Space heating 600kW, domestic hot water 1000l

Walton Community Hospital in Surrey specialises in rehabilitation from illness and injury. They had a plant room with hospital boilers that were over 30 years old. Due to the limited space in the hospital plant room and fixed duct work they needed a compact solution that could provide continuous and reliable heating and hot water services to the hospital.

The previous sealed heating system was served by old gas atmospheric boilers and gas fired water heaters, as well as a large outdated floor standing pressurisation unit.

The Solution

A complete Hamworthy Heating package was chosen for the new hospital heating system. The refurbished hospital plant room features 3 x 2-high 100kW Wessex ModuMax boiler modules, 2 x 500l Powerstock calorifiers, a Chesil Pressurisation Unit and 4 Burstock Expansion Vessels

Danny Bulch, Director at Cedar Green Projects ltd completed the project. He chose Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax condensing boilers due to their vertically stacking design that could supply 600kW output from a small floor space. 

Danny commented, 

“The Wessex modular boilers were the best product to fit in the available space. I have used them in many previous installations so I know how reliable they are. We replaced the gas fired water heaters with two Hamworthy Powerstock calorifiers also powered by the Wessex ModuMax boilers. All this was achieved without increasing the kW gas from the previous system thanks to the greater efficiencies of the new condensing boilers.”

Danny went on to say, 

“The project comprised of a total hospital boiler room refurbishment including the removal of all existing plant and pipework. The project started in November and lasted 4 months. This posed a problem with continuity of service for the hospital heating and hot water who cannot be without these critical services. We installed one of our mobile boiler plant rooms that are powered by Hamworthy cast iron Purewell VariHeat commercial boilers to keep the hospital heating and hot water running whilst the new system was installed.”

The Powerstock Calorifiers provide an indirect fired hot water system and fitted with an immersion kit increases the security of hot water supply compared with the previous gas fired water heaters. If the hospital boilers were unavailable due to service/maintenance the calorifiers can still run to provide hot water to enable the hospital to continue to operate.

Danny concluded,

“I always choose Hamworthy products. They have a large and varied range of commercial boilers and water heaters so that you can select the most suitable product for the application. The backup and support from their in-house teams is exceptional and we even painted the plant room ‘on-brand’ to match their boilers!”


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