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The Upton is finalist for the Commercial/Industrial Heating Product of the Year HVR Award 2018

The Upton boiler is a finalist for the Commercial/Industrial Heating Product of the Year HVR Award 2018.

The space-saving modular boiler which can deliver an output of 1MW from less than one square metre of footprint was launched one year ago.

Named after the town where the design originated, the Upton was developed to overcome our customers’ space restrictions in city centres while improving the energy efficiency of commercial heating systems.

With a turndown ratio of up to 5:1 per boiler module, modules stacked 3-high provide a turndown of 15:1. The stacks can be installed side by side in up to 4 banks to give a high 60:1 turndown. The built-in sequence controls allow accurate control of boilers in cascade or unison mode to get the best possible load matching for their application. The highest number of modules firing at their lowest output maintains the system and boiler on the highest part load efficiency setting. In short: The Upton allows accurate control to deliver the right amount of heat at the right time without energy wastage.

The aluminium heat exchanger at the heart of boiler was designed to optimise heat distribution, maximise efficiency and reliability. It went through a rigorous design, modelling and testing programme prior to launch.

The Upton boiler is already saving space for our customers in many city centre sites across the UK.

This is the second time the Upton has been shortlisted for an award this year, following its first nomination for the H&V News Awards in April

The HVR Awards ceremony will take place on Thursday 25th October at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London.

Visit the Upton product page to learn more