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Hamworthy’s Upton boiler has been shortlisted for the H&V News Awards 2018

Hamworthy’s Upton condensing modular gas boiler has been shortlisted for one of the biggest prizes in the industry, the H&V News Awards, as Commercial HVAC Product of the Year 2018. The awards, now in their 24th year, celebrate innovative and progressive products in the HVAC industry.

The Upton is Hamworthy’s new modular boiler which was released in summer 2017 after years of research and development. It caters to the challenges in the heating industry – particularly achieving a high output from a small footprint. Especially in city centres, where space is limited and expensive, the modular boiler offers flexible installation and vertical-stacking options while achieving an output of over 1MW from less than 1m² of footprint. Thanks to a turndown ratio of 5:1 per module which increases to 15:1 in a 3-high stack, it provides the right amount of heat to the point of use without wasteful cycling resulting in energy and costs savings. In combination with low NOx emissions, it also decreases its environmental impact in terms of air pollution. 

The precision-engineered aluminium heat exchanger with sectional design does not only provide quick heat up times but is also designed for a high water flow velocity to prevent scale formation and particle residues. Hamworthy has invested years of development to ensure the aluminium heat exchanger at the heart of the boiler is optimised to provide even heat distribution, high efficiency and reliability.

Hamworthy’s customers say:

“They really are incredible, the space saving is huge”


“The high kW output from a very small footprint is the main USP that draws me to the product”.

The Upton boiler builds on a long and successful heritage of designing and manufacturing commercial modular boilers in the UK. 

Sam Boshier, Marketing Manager at Hamworthy Heating, comments,

“We’re very excited about being shortlisted for the H&V News Awards 2018. Our team has dedicated so much time to the development of this boiler which was driven by our customers’ needs and environmental concerns in mind. The awards are a wonderful opportunity to showcase excellence in manufacturing and product development. We’re looking forward to the ceremony and hope the judges recognise the hard work that has been put into this product when choosing a winner.”

The H&V News Awards gala will be held on 19th April 2017 at the Grosvenor House in London.

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