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Hamworthy products named after regions in Dorset

At Hamworthy Heating, we’re proud of our origins on the Southwest Coast. As a leading UK manufacturer of commercial heating and hot water products we enjoy a national presence but will always maintain our links to Dorset through the branding of our products.

Hamworthy Heating was born from Hamworthy Engineering. Hamworthy Engineering was founded in 1914 by Percy Francis Hall when he incorporated his engineering company and named it Hamworthy Engineering after the Parish of Hamworthy in Poole, where his original works were located.

A thriving and well-connected town, Poole remains the site of Hamworthy Heating’s head office and, over 100 years after we formed Hamworthy continues the tradition of taking inspiration from areas of the beautiful county of Dorset.

Modern technology with respect for regional roots

Hamworthy Heating was acquired by Groupe Atlantic in 2008 but remains a British brand at heart. So it’s no coincidence that our Hamworthy product ranges are still named after notable areas around Poole.


Let’s start with our Dorchester direct fired water heater range. The ancient Dorset county town of Dorchester can be dated as far back as 4000BC and was both the home and inspiration to world famous author and poet Thomas Hardy. The extensive  Dorchester range of water heaters doesn’t date back that far, but has been delivering high performance hot water for 40 years. Now available with a variety of options to choose from including compact condensing, low NOx atmospheric, and solar energy driven models.


Hardy is widely synonymous with the region of ‘Wessex’ which broadly reflects the ancient Anglo-Saxon kingdom of the same name, stretching from Oxfordshire all the way to Devon. Hardy referred to Wessex as a ‘realistic dream county’ but unlike this imaginary region the Wessex ModuMax mk3 is a very real, very popular, award-winning compact commercial boiler, cited by Ireland’s Plumbing and Heating Awards judges as being “one of the best on the market, with the controls on this boiler from Hamworthy being the best in the industry.”


The area of Purewell, in the beautiful town of Christchurch, lends its name to our inventive cast iron condensing boiler. Itself named for a ‘spring by a pear tree’ Purewell was a hamlet that was absorbed into the larger town many decades ago. At the heart of the area is Purewell Meadows, a site of special scientific interest and a rare water meadow teeming with natural diversity and Dorset Notable species. Borrowing its name is the Purewell Variheat mk2 boiler which builds on the long-standing success of the original cast iron heat exchanger – which dates back to the 70s – and is especially tolerant of older heating systems. Compact, efficient, and high performing, the Purewell is the only cast iron condensing boiler of its kind in the UK.


To the north of Poole lies Upton, the second-largest town in the Purbeck Hills. Bounded by areas of open space, some of them also designated areas of special scientific interest, the town is compact and full of variety: natural spaces, stunning historically significant buildings, and a small bustling industrial estate. Like its namesake, the Upton high-output modular boiler packs a lot of punch into a small space. This compact, responsive boiler gives over 1MW output while occupying a less-than-1m2 footprint. It seemed natural that the Upton boiler should be chosen for the building plant room refurbishment of the historical Upton House where two of these versatile, transportable boilers were easily moved into place in the basement plant room and stacked on top of each other to occupy minimum floor space.


Coming in Q1 2022 is a new commercial heat pump product ‘Tyneham’, named after the fascinating ghost village. Tyneham was abandoned when all residents were evacuated during WW2 in 1943, leaving all the houses and buildings empty ever since. Come back to find out more when we launch the Tyneham Heat Pump in 2022.

Hamworthy is a business built on our people and local, face-to-face contact remains a core part of the way we work. Our experts are always ready to help with any project with their impressive knowledge and experience, and Hamworthy even offers free site surveys and CIBSE-accredited CPD training.

Have you been to any of these places? Next time you’re travelling through Dorset see how many of our products you can find!