What is stratification in water heaters?

(Temperature) stratification in water heaters means that water is not evenly warm throughout the vessel but rather arranged in layers of cold/warm water, given the different density of cold and hot water. 

Why is stratification in water heaters a problem?

Stratification in water heaters offers Legionella bacteria ideal temperatures for growth (20-45°C). These can cause serious illnesses. 

How can I avoid stratification in water heaters?

The installation of a pump which is included in a destratification kit (also referred to as a top-to-bottom recirculation kit) will help to distribute the hot water evenly around the vessel. This means a high average water storage temperature above 60°C can be achieved to kill off Legionella bacteria. You can see in the video below how this works.

What options does Hamworthy offer for destratification?

See below how hot water stratification management works in our water heaters.

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