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Darren and Karl from Hevac with our Upton modular boiler heat exchanger

Leading manufacturers from Ireland and the rest of Europe assembled at the two-day SEAI Energy Show in Dublin where Hamworthy Heating’s Irish distributor HEVAC accepted the distinction ‘Commended’ at this year’s SEAI Awards for Hamworthy’s Upton boiler.

The show gathers building design and development professionals, energy users in commercial, industrial and public sectors, as well as energy suppliers and providers in one building. Hevac Ltd, one of Ireland’s leading domestic, commercial and industrial heating specialists and Hamworthy’s distributor in Republic of Ireland, attended the event. Convinced by the product, they put Hamworthy’ space-saving Upton boiler with over 1MW of output from less than 1sqm footprint forward for the Best Innovative Product SEAI Award which is judged “by a panel of highly-qualified and experienced professionals drawn from building engineering, architecture, facilities management and contracting.”

The judges recognised the Upton’s most distinctive features: a large output from a small footprint with the ability to fit into small plant rooms and a specially designed aluminium heat exchanger with rapid heat transfer making it a highly efficient boiler.

Darren Yourell, Commercial & Industrial Manager for HEVAC, commented,

“We have a good working relationship with Hamworthy. As our customers often find themselves working with smaller plant rooms, compact equipment is a big benefit. That, paired with the high thermal output the Upton can achieve and the development and testing of  the heat exchanger were the features that encouraged us to enter the boiler for the awards. We’re pleased the product was recognised as ‘Commended’ from a jury made up of industry experts. It essentially adds an impartial stamp of approval and underlines the quality of the product.”