New range of monobloc air source heat pumps

Following the launch of our first ever monobloc air source heat pump range, we have released a comprehensive 32-page brochure on our new Tyneham Heat Pumps to provide customers with the key information they need when looking at product selection and specification.

Are Commercial Heat Pumps be more Eco-Friendly?

Split into concise and comprehensive sections, the new Tyneham heat pump brochure starts with an introduction to commercial heat pumps and the role they play in helping to reach the UK’s net zero goal.  Featuring clear information on how monobloc air source heat pumps work and their benefits, the brochure also takes an in-depth look at how to understand refrigerants, highlighting Global Warming Potential (GWP) differences, plus there is a dedicated section on the coefficient of performance (COP) which explains how to calculate the ratio of heat produced, relative to each unit of electricity consumed in heat pumps.

Specifications of the Tyneham Heat Pump System Range

As you would expect, the Tyneham heat pump brochure provides an in-depth look at the key benefits of each individual model in our new commercial heat pump range, of which there are seven, with six nominal outputs of between 14 and 70kW.  Distinct icons highlight each model's ErP rating, COP, weight, and dimensions, whilst easy-to-read detailed technical information is displayed in chart format. In addition, each model is accompanied by minimum installation clearances and a list of suitable accessories and options available.

For those seeking a hybrid heat pump system, the brochure also highlights how the latest range of monobloc air source heat pumps can be combined with the Hamworthy Heating range of modular gas boilers. This option enables customers to match heat demand in the most effective and energy-efficient way.

Click this link to get your copy of our new Tyneham Heat Pump brochure, read more with our guide to the heat pump's role in the net zero goal, or view our new commercial heat pumps range here.