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Hamworthy welcomes customers at commercial boiler launch in London

Hamworthy Heating launched its new Upton floor standing condensing boiler with an exclusive event in the heart of London.

Customers and editors from industry publications had the opportunity to see the new Upton boiler close up at the Brewery, a dedicated events venue in London. Over complimentary food and drinks, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of the new compact modular boiler with aluminium heat exchanger. 

The presentation focused on advantages such as how space restrictions in plant rooms can easily be overcome. Especially in London where floor space is expensive, a modular boiler system offers stacking flexibility and can greatly reduce the footprint of heating equipment. London's air quality issues were also addressed, as the new Upton boiler features low NOx emissions. Another talking point was the modular boiler’s ability to closely match the load of a heating system to prevent wasted energy and provide exactly the heat the system requires.

After the presentation, the Hamworthy team answered questions from the audience and attendees had more opportunities to network with industry colleagues.

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