Sector: Sports and leisure
Building: Refurbishment
Application: Domestic hot water, 1427 litres/hour

Dorking, a lively Surrey commuter town, is very much Hamworthy Heating territory when it comes to the water heaters and boilers serving the town’s popular Sports Centre, which is managed by Leisure Connection Ltd alongside Mole Valley District Council.

After many years of thorough service in an area of the UK with some of the hardest water in the country, one of two existing Hamworthy water heaters on the site reached the end of its service life.

Having been thoroughly satisfied with their performance, the operators were keen to replace like with like as far as possible, so new Dorchester DR-LA water heaters were installed. The Dorchester DR-LA range is available with a choice of draught diverter to simplify the flue in these circumstances, and in this instance the horizontal flue off-take easily matched the existing flue system.

The Solution

The Dorchester DR-LA 75 model was selected and each has a continuous output of 1,427 litres per hour, supplying all domestic hot water for the Sports Centre. This means providing enough hot water for 32 showers and 40 hot taps around the building for use by the staff and users of a brand new gym, a 25 metre swimming pool and a toddlers’ splash pool.

The facilities are particularly busy in the early evenings, Monday to Thursday and therefore extra demanding of the hot water system. According to Ben Jones, technical manager at the site, it has been the custom to use water conditioners in both the hot and cold supply. Nonetheless he agrees that Dorking demands a lot of its water heaters and is satisfied with their performance to date.

In total there are seven models in the Dorchester DR-LA range with continuous outputs from 621 to 2,105 litres per hour, based on a 44°C temperature rise. Storage capacities range from 264 to 374 litres and two or more water heaters can be installed in a modular configuration where there is demand for larger loads.

The Dorchester DR-LA is fitted with an atmospheric burner with fully automatic controls utilising hot surface ignition, and may be used with either natural gas or LPG. The pre-wired control panel provides an on/off switch, control thermostat, power indicator, lockout indicator and reset button. Access for servicing and maintenance is via two large inspection doors.

The Dorchester DR-LA range meets the latest HSC requirements for the control of Legionellosis. Connections are provided to facilitate top to bottom recirculation which ensures an even temperature is maintained throughout the vessel, and prevents stratification.


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