Sector: Leisure
Building: Main grandstand refurbishment
Products: Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler, Powerstock glass lined calorifier
Application: Space heating 1500kW, domestic hot water

Cheltenham Racecourse turned to Hamworthy for a dependable heating and hot water system that could satisfy the high demands placed on it at peak times.

The main grandstand at Cheltenham Racecourse is one of the largest auditoria in the South West of England. It accommodates approximately 6,800 people in its bars, restaurants and private boxes.

The stand’s plant room was running old inefficient blown gas boilers that were coming to the end of their operational life. The racecourse required a dependable heating and hot water system that could satisfy the high demands placed on it at peak times during the day.

The Solution

Cheltenham-based contractor Mechanical Installation Heating Services Ltd (MIH) called upon Hamworthy Heating for assistance to evaluate the current system and propose a winning solution.

MIH Ltd installed six Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax 250kW gas fired condensing boiler modules with a total output of 1500kW. As well as providing the heating for the busy stadium, the boilers are the indirect primary heat source for a Hamworthy Powerstock PS300 hot water calorifier and two 2,000 litre hot water cylinders.

Adrian Lusty, Director at MIH Ltd, commented:

“I have a really good working relationship with Hamworthy, and chose the Wessex ModuMax product for this installation as I knew it was a product I could rely on. The compact, vertically-stacking, design also means it can easily fit in the available space.”

Commissioning of the boilers was carried out by one of Hamworthy’s approved service engineers to ensure they are set up to the manufacturer’s recommendations for gaining maximum efficiency.

Tim Partridge, Regional Buildings & Maintenance Co-Ordinator at Cheltenham Racecourse, said:

“We have been really pleased with the outcome of the project. Since having the new boilers and BMS installed we have to date seen a saving of around 22% in our gas bill across the whole site.”

Wessex ModuMax condensing modular boilers are fully modulating and able to respond rapidly to changes in demand. In addition to the small footprint, standing losses are less than 1% and the range achieves NOx emissions <40mg/kWh, making it an environmentally friendly choice for Cheltenham Racecourse. The boilers are fully compliant with the Building Regulations Part L 2013 and the Energy Related Products Directive.

High efficiency gas fired boilers are commonly used as the indirect primary heat source for hot water calorifiers as well as the prime heating energy source.

There are 7 models in the Powerstock calorifier range with continuous outputs from 501 up to 1635 litres/hour and storage capacities are from 160 litres to 958 litres.


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