Sector: Sport & leisure
Building: Conference and banqueting facilities refurbishment
Products: Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler
Application: Space heating 640kW

A refurbishment of the flagship Trinity Suite which is used for banqueting, functions and conferencing, meant an upgrade for the heating system was required. Contractors Lord Combustion Services were faced with the necessity for a higher output, but with limited room to install the boilers. The Wessex ModuMax boilers satisfied all the requirements with ease.

Hamworthy’s Wessex ModuMax was ideal for this particular application as we needed to put in more than one boiler in a very tight space to meet the requirement for over 300kW extra output for the new air handling unit,” said Stuart Smith from Lord Combustion.

“Using the Wessex ModuMax allowed us to install two 160/320he boilers side by side. These boilers have modules stacked one above another, enabling a total output of 640kW to be squeezed into just 1.5 square metres of floor space.”

Wessex ModuMax boilers have impressive credentials; in addition to the small footprint, standing losses are less than 1%, and the range achieves the best rating for low NOx emissions, European Class 5 performance, making it an environmentally friendly choice for Aston Villa.

The boilers have a world class control system using an LPB bus communications system, which simplifies the controls requirements and ensures the boiler’s sequenced for optimum performance, closely matching the heat demand at all times.

With nine high efficiency non-condensing models in the range with outputs from 110kW to 660kW, and 15 condensing models with outputs from 100kW to 750kW, Wessex ModuMax is a boiler to suit any installation, especially when plant room space is at a premium.

Water manifold kits are also available for Wessex ModuMax boilers. They are factory assembled and hydraulically tested to provide reassurance before filling the system and come fitted with isolation valves to enable maintenance to be carried out on individual boilers. Pipe work is pre-sized to suit the flow conditions at the boiler; all ensuring simpler and speedier installation.


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