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Halstock twin coil calorifier

Hamworthy Heating, experts in commercial heating and hot water, has improved its range of stainless steel calorifiers to now include models with a twin coil and five additional storage tanks. The new models offer better hot water performance and system security for large demand premises.

The two coils in the new versions can be connected in series to improve the hot water performance as there is a larger surface area for heat transfer giving faster heat up times of 19-31 minutes and higher continuous output flows – up to 2,106 l/h from the largest model. Alternatively the calorifiers can be connected to two different heat sources such as a solar collector array and a gas boiler. Meaning you can use free solar energy when available but also connect to a boiler for back up or top up to the heat supply. This allows greater control of the heat input and gives you the flexibility to choose how you heat your system.

The Halstock stainless steel calorifier range is popular for soft water areas as no electrical corrosion protection systems or sacrificial anodes are required.

The Halstock has a durable, corrosion-resistant, Acerinox duplex stainless steel tank and coil, for low maintenance and a long life backed up by a 5-year cylinder warranty.

You benefit from a highly efficient product that has a corrugated coil design for maximum heat transfer, and a generous layer of CFC-free polyurethane tank insulation under protective plastisol cladding to minimise standing losses.

There are five calorifier sizes available from 300-965 litre with single and twin coil options. To complement the range and provide additional storage, and therefore system security, for high demand hot water applications, five buffer vessels/storage tanks have been added. These also range from 300-965 litre capacity.