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Hot on the heels of our new Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler range is the introduction of our new Stratton mk3 System Selector tool, which has been designed to simplify the product selection process for cascade arrangements.

By answering a few simple questions from a drop-down menu, such as the number of Stratton mk3 boilers to be cascaded, the highest single boiler output and gas type, the new Stratton mk3 System Selector will list all of the items required, clearly on screen. For added convenience, the information can also be downloaded as a PDF or emailed directly.

Delivering a flexible solution

Suitable for installations that require more output delivered flexibly, a Stratton mk3 cascade system can be installed with up to 6 boilers at a time to meet building demands effectively. Wall hung cascades have grown in popularity within the past decade due to the additional turndown ratio and redundancy that this kind of installation offers. Available with a range of plate heat exchangers and low-loss headers (including bespoke frame and header kits), our new Stratton mk3 System Selector identifies all the Hamworthy products needed for an efficient heating system. 

The benefits of using a cascade system

Using a cascade arrangement, such as the Stratton mk3 system offers several benefits over using one large boiler to try and heat a larger building.  Whereas a single appliance trying to supply heat to a large area carries the risk of oversizing, which can result in excessive use of fuel and increased wear and tear, a Stratton mk3 cascade system allows multiple Stratton mk3 boilers to work harmoniously together.  Compared to one boiler being responsible for all the heat and hot water in a building, the Stratton mk3 cascade system offers an efficient and flexible solution that provides protection against breakdown by compensating accordingly.

Energy-efficient heating

Available in seven different outputs from 40 to 150kW, the Stratton mk3 wall-hung condensing boiler range features a 5:1 turndown ratio, pre-mix burner technology for

clean operation with ErP Class 6 NOx emissions and is fully compliant with the latest minimum required efficiencies in the Part L Building Regulations.  Offering a small and durable solution for even the tightest of rooms, the Stratton mk3 boiler range offers exceptional system tolerance and is backed by a five-year heat exchanger warranty.


To see how easy the new Stratton mk3 System Selector is to use visit here.