• Charity
Aliona selling plants to donate 50% of the profits to charity.

Service team member Kelly’s daughter organised a plant sale to raise money for charity and to earn her Brownies charity badge.

Active Brownie member Aliona wanted to support a charity close to home – Macmillan Cancer Support – which her dad already supports yearly in the local Macmillan Bike Ride. It also happens to be Groupe Atlantic UK, ROI & North America Divisions’ charity of the year.

Aliona brought in French beans, garden peas, sunflowers, cucumbers, marigolds, fuchsias and tomatoes for Hamworthy staff to buy for £1 each, with 50p going to the charity. Seeds and pots were donated, but other costs including compost, canes and stickers also needed to be considered which is why this ‘project’ also contributed to the entrepreneur badge – one that any business can relate to on a bigger scale.

Hamworthy staff bought 42 plants, meaning £21 were raised for the charity. As some mix up occurred during the repotting stage with Aliona’s younger sister getting involved, some employees are now excitedly waiting until the plants bear fruit to see whether they’re getting French beans or petit pois and red or yellow tomatoes! 

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