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Hamworthy supporting Plastic Free July

How can we reduce single-use plastics? We asked the Hamworthy team for tips, ideas, and changes they’ve made to live a more sustainable life and reduce the amount of plastic they use. There were so many responses, but here are the highlights:

Bob from the sales team is an old hand at this and has been living a sustainable lifestyle for many years. From buying mainly organic produce to composting all uncooked food waste for use on his veg patches. He has solar thermal installed for hot water and heat recovery ventilation for the upstairs of his house.

Tony from the sales team now uses filtered water instead of buying bottled water.

Terry from the sales team has switched to buying fruit and veg loose rather than pre-packaged, as well as steering away from heavily packaged goods. Erika from our internal sales team has also been focusing on the packaging her products come in and switching to natural skin care products. And they’re both already seeing a massive difference in the size of their bins going out each week!

Sam from the marketing team no longer uses clingfilm but instead covers leftovers with a plate or stores them in a reusable tub. She has also moved to organic soap from shower gel in a plastic bottle and stopped using cow’s milk on her breakfast.

Kelly from the service team set up and runs a local kindness and recycling Facebook group. This allows people to swap goods they no longer need or lend items to each other. As well as stopping items from going to landfill it has built a great community spirit, particularly during the lockdown, and helps out people who may not be able to afford new items.

Lynette from the internal sales team has been getting creative with gift wrap: “For my sister’s wedding anniversary instead of wrapping everything in shiny paper and a plastic bag to be thrown away, we wrapped in recycled brown paper (that she could use in her rabbit’s hutch afterward) and leftover ribbon. We then popped everything in a cotton tote bag that she can use for her shopping.”

Our contracts manager Clive has a ‘fix first’ approach with any failed equipment and turns radiators down in unused rooms.

Becky from our spares team has been getting her daughter into good practices from a young age: “My daughter (Charlotte) has made an Owl picture to stick on her light switch in her bedroom to remind her to turn the light off when she leaves the room.”

Some great tips and shows that little changes can add up and contribute to saving our environment. 

Take a look at more resources at plasticfreejuly.org