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Jason Crowne (top left), Mark Hewer (top right) and Barrie Welsh.

We pride ourselves in our technical knowledge and that’s also why our customers like working with us. Heating installations differ from project to project, so a phone call to our technical department is often a helpful solution. That means our phones are always busy. With positive feedback from our customers for our technical support, we were also aware of frustration that can sometimes arise from waiting times. That’s why we decided to act.

We have listened to our customers and hired more technical staff to cover the demand. Two new engineers have joined our technical team which is now staffed with five applications engineers. We have also recruited a technical sales manager to support our sales team out in the field.

The most recent additions to the office-based technical team are Jason Crowne and Mark Hewer.

Jason joined us as applications engineer last year and has been getting to grips with Hamworthy equipment since. With 20 years of experience in the gas industry, he enjoys the daily challenges the job brings.

Mark joined us at the end of April this year. He has a background as a heating engineer for over 30 years, working for several well-established building services organisations in the South West.

Clive Williamson, contracts manager who oversees the technical department, comments

“We closely monitor our technical help line performance.  With more staff, we can offer an enhanced service. As a direct result of increasing the team size, we can already see dramatically reduced average call wait times.

Mark is being trained specifically in our products at the moment. Once he becomes fully versed in our equipment, we expect our service to improve even further."

To support our sales team out in the field, we recruited Barrie Welsh as technical sales manager at the end of last year. With an early start in the industry as plumbing and heating engineer apprentice, he soon moved on to an industrial gas company which was his stepping-stone to the commercial/industrial sector. Having worked on machinery from steam equipment, high pressure water heating to large space heating, industrial process plants and sizeable district heating schemes, he incorporated the wealth of experience we were looking for to support our customers on any project.

Can we help you with any technical queries on-site or over the phone? You can get in touch with our team here or call us at 01202 662505.