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It’s a family affair

McDowall is an established name for Hamworthy Heating’s customers in Scotland. McDowall Modular Services, acting as sales agent for Hamworthy products in the country, was established by Willie McDowall in 1981. This year, the company welcomes the third generation of the family, Willie’s grandson Adhamh, to the business.

The relationship started when Willie McDowall heard about Hamworthy’s Hydrotherm cast iron boilers. He thought their concept was a “great idea”. This model was introduced to the UK from the US in 1967 and the first modular boiler in the UK. It was the reason why Willie joined Hamworthy in 1970 as a sales manager. In 1981, being an experienced marine engineer who had travelled all over the world, he saw the opportunity to offer the whole ‘sales and service’ package in Scotland and became an independent sales agent for Hamworthy products.

His son Derek, service engineer himself, joined the business in 1984 and now manages it together with his father. About joining the family business, he says,

“I felt it was a good opportunity and the engineer training Hamworthy gave was the best in the business.”
This year, Derek’s son Adhamh, who just turned 18, is also joining the business. As his father and grandfather, he’s enthusiastic about engineering and currently enrolled in a mechanical and electrical course at North Glasgow College.

Derek adds,

“It’s great to welcome my son, a third generation of McDowall, to the team. Our business has always been a joint effort and built on long-term relationships. Our office manager Pamela Welsh has played a significant part in the company since she joined us in August 1997.”
When Derek isn’t looking after Hamworthy boilers, he works for G4S Events keeping celebrities and sports teams safe in his spare time which involves travelling all over the world just like his father.

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