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‘We’re stronger together’ is Groupe Atlantic UK, ROI & North America Divisions’ motto – the brands managed to raise a total of £38,594 throughout 2018 for Macmillan Cancer Support. The group has now been shortlisted as a contender for the Community Spirit HVR Award.

With a successful charity support year in 2018 which saw the – at the time - six Groupe Atlantic UK brands organise various fundraising activities either at local sites or centrally, it was clear that 2019 would become even bigger.

With other brands joining such as ACV UK and Triangle Tube at the end of last year, the new Groupe Atlantic UK, ROI & North America Divisions are more committed than ever to work towards funding 150 heating grants.

Macmillan Grants are small payments to help people with the extra costs that cancer can cause. They are usually a one-off payment and for people who have a low level of income and savings.

People undergoing cancer treatment are often at home and feel the cold more due to side effects such as weight and hair loss and reduced energy levels, so tend to turn their heating up. This can result in their energy consumption going up while their income may be significantly reduced, making energy costs a big concern for cancer patients.

Every day more than 46 people receive heating grants from Macmillan so they can keep the heating on when they really need to. £200 could pay for a Macmillan Grant that helps a person living with cancer heat their home when they really need to.

To date this year, the group is just £5k away from hitting its target.

Becky Read, Fundraising Manager/Partnership Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, added,

“Groupe Atlantic’s dedication, passion and drive for the Macmillan partnership has been incredible across the entire business. From coffee mornings to runs, dress down days to Mighty Hikes, they’ve organised something that everyone can get involved in to help make a difference to the lives of people with cancer. Not only have they fundraised a life-changing amount of money for us but they have also arranged for our Mobile Information Support to visit their site to provide staff with advice and support should they need it. The partnership so far has raised over £40,000 and that figure keeps climbing. This is enough to fund a Macmillan Nurse for over 1300 hours! It’s an absolute pleasure to work with them and I think they whole-heartedly deserve this award.”

The 10th HVR Awards will take place on Thursday, 24th October at The Tower Hotel in London.