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The Cleaner Heat Cashback scheme's funding has been reduced.

The funds for the commercial boiler cashback scheme for SMEs in London which started in July 2018 has been significantly reduced just a year after it was launched.

While originally £10m were available as part of the scheme, most of the fund will be repurposed for other projects such as the Business Low Emissions Neighbourhood programme and the Good Growth Fund. For the Cleaner Heat Cashback scheme, £500,000 remain available to better reflect demand.

A lack of a compelling reason for SMEs to replace the boilers was blamed, and it being “a carrot rather than a stick”. Instead, initiatives like the Ultra Low Emission Zone was seen as a better example of how a combination of both – incentive and legislation – can work to achieve the desired effect.

London's SMEs can still apply for the scheme until March 2020 (subject to funds), please visit this website for more information.


Note: This page was edited on 17/09/19 to reflect updated information by the Energy Saving Trust.