Sector: Construction sites, residential properties, care homes, schools and district energy networks
Building: Packaged plant
Products: Upton modular boiler
Application: Space heating 600kW


Create a rental packaged plant room, capable of delivering fast, large scale heating and hot water recovery, with low  environmental impact.
This has been achieved through a robust, bespoke designed package with the close support and collaboration of valued supply chain partners of Cross Rental Services, the knowhow of their technical design team, driven by a need to support their customers sustainably and cost effectively, both now and in the future.

The solution

Cross Rental Service’s unique temporary 600kW condensing boiler plant room has been designed and built to support large output commercial heating projects at a greatly reduced physical and carbon footprint.

Hamworthy Upton modern, lightweight, compact modulating boilers were built into one of the smallest footprint containers in the market (6 foot). Supported by inverter driven variable speed pumps, a dosing pot, dirt and air separation, aluminium plate heat exchanger units as well as pressurisation and expansion units that can support all applications.

The aluminium heat exchangers in the boilers are optimised to provide even heat distribution, high efficiency, and reliability. They are highly conductive with a good thermal transfer to maximise efficiency. The packaged plant room is also extremely quiet for its output due to the Upton modular boiler using a high efficiency fan, insulation on the panels and the heat exchanger (which also keeps heat losses low), eliminating noise generating surfaces.

The temporary plant room has a 97% efficiency rating (Class 6 European Emissions) with low energy use, high turndown ratio for close load matching, easy access for engineering and simple controls.

Addressing environmental concerns

The industry leading, low NOx, high output Upton modular boilers can operate on natural gas and LPG. They meet the latest ErP and Part L compliances and will future proof both Cross Rental Services’ business and their clients’ operations.

NOx emissions are a vital part of what makes this plant room unique. While temporary plant rooms are not held to the same regulatory standards as fixed equipment, the Upton boilers have such low NOx emissions, the plant room can be used where
emissions are restricted.

Cross Rental Services’ temporary plant room provides the right amount of heat at the right time to match a building’s heat demand with little or no wastage and built in sequence controls enable accurate control of the boilers in cascade or
unison mode to get the best possible load matching for their temporary application. This also drives a lower water content which offers quicker heat up times, using less energy.

The focus was building a unit that matches the customers’ permanent facilities’ requirements as well as offering a fast, robust and effective solution.


Cross Rental Services have started the movement to take the temporary boiler hire industry into the 21st century and designed
the future industry standard for the supply of temporary hire equipment to a key client base. 

The company’s future build projects will allow them to deliver to customers with space restrictions in major UK and Irish cities.
This prevents customers from going without heating and hot water, even during a plant room refurbishment project, meaning critical supply is maintained for sites such as care homes and housing associations.

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