Sector: Education
Building: Refurbishment
Products: Dorchester DR-FC Evo condensing water heater
Application: Space heating 360kW, domestic hot water 1,170 litres/hour

With the installation of a Hamworthy solar thermal package, Purewell VariHeat condensing boilers and direct fired Dorchester water heaters, Duppas Junior School in Croydon has invested in sustainable technology for the future. Paul Bushell, design engineer for Bianco Sale Ltd commented,

“Solar was an important consideration in this project as it fitted with the council’s policy of using renewable. We’ve used Hamworthy heating products before and their Purewell VariHeat boilers fitted the specification in terms of size and output, and their Dorchester water heaters are efficient and reliable. Now that Hamworthy has solar products and the expertise to back them up, the decision was made to go ahead using their products to provide an efficient new system of hot water and heating to the school.”

The solar was installed by one of Hamworthy’s approved installers, Natural Power Wales, and energy is absorbed using the high efficiency solar collectors, which are tested and certified to EN 12975. The collectors have a moulded polycarbonate casing which provides permanent corrosion resistance and a lightweight compact panel. The integral fixing points facilitate easy installation, in-roof, on-roof or free-standing using A-frames.

The system has been designed to provide pre-heated feed water into two direct fired Dorchester DR-FC 25 water heaters, via a Powerstock calorifier, saving energy in the hot water system.

The consultant believes there will be savings of around 25% per annum on running costs – savings which demonstrate the school’s commitment to using renewable energy.

The school’s heating system is separate to the domestic hot water requirements and is supplied by two Purewell VariHeat 180c condensing boilers. The boilers were chosen for their environmental credentials and ultra low emissions, achieving European Class 5 performance and exceeding Building Regulations requirements for seasonal efficiency. Operating as a sealed system, the boilers supply heating to the school buildings via radiator systems and have a combined output of 360kW.


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