Sector: Education
Building: College refurbishment
Products: Melbury HE pressure jet boiler, Powerstock glass lined calorifier
Application: Space heating 3,170kW; indirect fired DHW

Hamworthy Heating supplied Poole contractor, CMC Heating Ltd, with seven steel boilers for a refurbishment project at local further-education establishment, Bournemouth & Poole College.

With 3,400 full-time and 20,000 part-time students, Bournemouth & Poole is a multisite college with campuses spread across the two south-coast towns which give the establishment its name. The College’s Lansdowne site in Bournemouth and North Road site in Poole see 2,000 students and staff come through its doors each day, placing heavy demand on its facilities.

One of the larger UK colleges, Bournemouth & Poole had its new build funding withdrawn three years ago, while at the same time still leaving parts of its site in need of vital renovation.

The Solution

Embarking on the project, Poole-based CMC Heating Ltd was tasked with completing the boiler upgrade and turned to another Dorset based company to commission the required products; Hamworthy.

Four of Hamworthy's Ansty 320kW, stainless steel, natural gas boilers were chosen for the College’s Lansdowne site, while three Melbury HE 630kW steel boilers were selected for the North Road campus.

Martin Coombes, director of CMC Heating Ltd, commented on the commissioning and installation of Hamworthy’s steel boilers:

“With Bournemouth & Poole College’s two largest campuses featuring complex and dated heating and hot water systems, we turned to Hamworthy to source the appropriate boiler plant for each application, due to their extensive range of commercial heating solutions and technical support."

With the refurbishment completed in 2011, Bournemouth & Poole College is already benefitting from the boiler upgrade. Martyn Francis, facilities and procurement manager at the College, said:

“The new boilers at both our Lansdowne and North Road campuses are already providing the College with greater efficiencies in energy consumption and, importantly, contributing significantly to reducing our carbon footprint. Where possible, we always try to source products locally for the College. In our ongoing and long-term partnership with CMC Heating Ltd, we have managed to achieve this through the choice of Hamworthy Heating, which is based just down the road.”

Utilised at the College’s Lansdowne site, Hamworthy’s Ansty product is a high-performance, condensing, gas fired, fully modulating boiler. Equipped with a Riello burner, the boiler at the college campus is used in conjunction with Hamworthy’s Powerstock PS 1000 high performance calorifier, for hot water generation.

Used individually or in multiple configurations, such as at the college, the Ansty range boasts energy saving condensing performance with seasonal efficiencies of 96% gross. Designed for 20°C Δt, the Ansty steel boiler range can achieve up to 40°C Δt. The larger temperature differential can deliver a normal 85°C flow and still return at condensing temperatures (below 55°C), optimising its condensing performance.

Hamworthy’s Melbury HE range is suitable for large-scale projects with high heating and hot water energy demands, like that presented at Bournemouth & Poole College.


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