Sector: Offices
Building: Teresa Gavin House
Products: Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler
Application: Space heating

To meet the heating needs of such a large and busy building, Teresa Gavin House needed an efficient and space-saving heating  system to replace its seven existing NGR floor-standing cast iron sectional Hamworthy boilers, which were coming to the end of their operational life, after over 30 years in service. 

The solution

Keen to stick to a brand they could trust, Mullaley turned to Hamworthy, who proposed a system using two Wessex ModuMax mk3 floor standing, vertically stacked units, a new plate heat exchanger and a Chesil pressurisation unit. In line with updates to the building regulations Part L, it was also necessary to replace the existing boiler flue, as part of the new installation. 

As the main scope of the project was to reduce space without compromising on power output, the chosen model consists of Two Wessex ModuMax modules, stacked on top of each other, with a total out of 464kW. With the previous system using up most of the floor area available, the new installation, which has reduced the area needed by nearly half, now means the best use of space has been achieved in the plant room.

“In addition to accurately meeting the demands of the building, we choose the Wessex Modumax because it delivers a high output from a small footprint. This means that we were able to considerably reduce the space needed for the heating equipment in our plant room.”

Michael Danes, Mulalley & Co. 

Available in 5 modules with outputs (@80/60°C) of 97, 116, 147, 196 and 254kW. Wessex Modumax can be specified as individual boiler modules or can be stacked two or three high in 15 combinations up to 762kW output. Featuring a compact and lightweight design, they offer simplified access when it comes to accessing rooftop, basement, or packaged plant rooms.

Modumax is a fully modulating boiler that offers the benefits of high turn-down ratios and load matching for improved efficiencies. This means that the system delivers the right amount of heat at the right time, with little or no wastage. With efficiency and reliability at the heart of this project, ModuMax was the perfect choice for Teresa Gavin House.

The stainless-steel aspect of the heat exchanger was also a huge selling point for this project. Offering considerable resistance to corrosion which can help to maximize service life, Teresa Gavin House can now also expect to achieve valuable cost savings from reduced service and maintenance intervals. For further peace of mind, a 10-year stainless steel heat exchanger warranty offers added protection against any future issues.

Going forward

Following a successful upgrade, Teresa Gavin House now benefits from improved efficiencies and increased space within its plant room, making it easier to access equipment. Completed in two months, building occupants are now benefiting from an efficient and reliable heating system. 

“Hamworthy provided an exemplary service backed by a quality warranty. Any minor issues or questions we had along the way were quickly and professionally dealt with by the aftercare team. We’re looking forward to seeing the expected benefits of the new system. ”

Michael Danes, Mulalley & Co. 

For more information on our Wessex Modumax and modular boiler configuration, contact your Area Sales Manager.