Sector: Offices
Building: Multi-tenanted building
Products: Upton modular boiler
Application: Space heating

Based in Holborn, London, this prestigious six-storey office block previously had two existing Broag (Remeha) Gas 350-5 boilers which, after many years in service, had come to the end of their service life.

UK South Services Ltd surveyed the site and identified several issues, mainly to do with restricted ceiling height and overhead obstructions in the building which presented a challenge. Furthermore, as the boiler was in a basement, flue routes were complicated. During the visit, UK South Services also identified potential asbestos in the flue way.

The solution

Following a full camera survey and sampling to rule out any potential asbestos hazards, UK South Services Ltd was able to retain the existing flue setup by re-lining the existing vertical stack. Two low-level Hamworthy Upton modular boilers were then specified side by side to save space. This provided a solution to the building’s restricted ceiling height whilst also keeping within the client’s budget constraints.

Shaun Sylvester, Commercial Manager for UK South Services, comments:

“When restricted ceiling height or overhead obstructions are an issue, Hamworthy Heating Upton boilers provide a solution. Featuring a modular design, with a footprint under 1m² of floor space per boiler, this model is one of the most compact in its class”.

Rather than replace the system with just one boiler, which would effectively run the building’s heat supplier with a single point of failure, specifying Upton meant that both existing boilers could be easily replaced to achieve the desired output to effectively heat the building during cooler months. Falling well within budget constraints, this exceeded customer  expectations.
Following a successful test of the new system, Hamworthy commissioned the boilers and UK South Services Ltd was able to complete the installation.

A modern, space saving solution

The Upton modular boiler range offers a cost-effective solution for plant rooms where space is of a premium. Available in 18 different models with outputs ranging from 100 to 1050kW, the range offers up to 97% gross seasonal efficiency. Furthermore, with modulation of 5:1 per module, for closer control of the output, customers can further save on fuel bills and reduce emissions.