Sector: Offices
Building: Multi-tenanted commercial building
Products: Upton modular boiler
Application: Space heating

Based in the centre of Cambridge, this modern commercial building, totaling 23,816 sq.ft, spans across three floors and offers office space for up to five tenants. When the original boiler started to experience reoccurring issues due to old age, and replacement parts were obsolete, UK South Services were called in to advise on updating the system to ensure that the
occupants of the building continued to have heating and hot water.

Shaun Sylvester Commercial Manager of UK South Services commented,

“The main scope of the contract was to upgrade the commercial boiler system. However, the project had two major obstacles: cost and space constraints.”

The client needed a system that could be installed on a limited budget but there were also various practical issues to consider as a result of limited space in the plant room and low ceilings, and difficulty in reaching the flue terminal on the roof due to restricted internal access. 

The solution

With the requirement for a small footprint, UK South Services opted for two Upton boilers from Hamworthy Heating. These were fitted side by side, and a new flue liner was dropped through the existing flue way. For the latter part of the project, a large articulated boom was required to facilitate the flue installation from the roof of the building.

A modern and efficient, space-saving solution

The Hamworthy Heating Upton modular boiler with aluminium heat exchanger features 1MW output from under 1m² of floor space, making it ideal for this project. One of the most compact boilers of its class, the 6-bar rated floor-standing condensing boiler range offers up to 97% gross seasonal efficiency and is available in 18 different models with outputs ranging from 100 to 1050kW. A modulation of 5:1 per module (increasing to 15:1 in a three-high vertical stack) allows closer control of the output, saving further on fuel bills, and reducing emissions.

Furthermore, in projects such as this where limited space is an issue, the vertically stackable design of the boiler modules allows for flexible options.