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Introducing the Upton boiler

Hamworthy Heating introduces its newest modular boiler with aluminium heat exchanger: the Upton. With 1MW output from under 1m² of floor space, the boiler is one of the most compact in its class.

The 6-bar rated floor standing condensing boiler range offers up to 97% gross seasonal efficiency and is available in 18 different models with outputs ranging from 100 to 1050kW. A modulation of 5:1 per module (increasing to 15:1 in a three-high vertical stack) allows closer control of the output, saving further on fuel bills, and reducing emissions. The vertically stackable design of the boiler modules allows flexible options where space is a challenge. This means it is an ideal choice for new builds, city centres and packaged plant rooms.

The precision-engineered sectional aluminium alloy heat exchanger at the heart of the boiler is characterised by a low water content. Exceptional heat transfer properties and even heat distribution throughout the heat exchanger allow a quick and energy-efficient response to changes in heat demand.

The Upton’s pre-mix burner enables further fuel savings and environmentally-friendly low NOx emissions <40mg/kWh. With less than 61dBA noise output, it also makes a good choice for plant rooms adjoining quiet areas such as hospitals, offices and classrooms. 

Edd Swift, Product Manager at Hamworthy Heating, adds:

“We’re pleased to see the outcome of years of development and testing. We’ve incorporated a lot of customer feedback to bring the features our customers need. To aid with design, the Upton boiler has water and gas connections in the same position across the range, regardless of output. This means that even if a project’s requirements change, models can be easily swapped with minimal effect to pipework and plant room design.”

The boiler has a reliable Siemens LMS controller for close control of the individual boiler modules. This allows sequencing of an additional 15 boilers in a cascade or unison formation for further fuel savings. Safety features such as water flow protection and a flue temperature limit sensor to protect boiler and user.

Delivered fully assembled, the Upton also benefits from an air inlet filter to maintain particle free air for clean combustion, providing long-term protection. Condensate traps connect from each boiler module on the vertical stacks to simplify pipework and servicing, as condensate only gathers in one spot that needs to be drained. Moreover, the combustion analyser point is at the front of the boiler for ease of accessibility during service and maintenance.

Optional pipework kits are designed with the complete solution in mind: They can be installed before the boiler is put into place and come with new features such as a connection for pressurisation units and flushing points. All dirt collects in one spot and can be easily flushed from the pipe kit, reducing servicing time. Along with the integrated non-return valve to stop combustion gases entering non-firing boilers, they facilitate cascade arrangements for bigger installations, up to 4.2MW. A low loss header with integrated air and dirt separator specifically designed for the Upton boiler can provide further benefits in terms of system water flow, cleanliness, circuit separation, and performance.

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