Sector: Residential and commercial, community heating
Building: Flagship development of apartments, houses and offices
Products: Wessex ModuMax mk3 boiler, Merley boiler sequence controller
Application: Space heating 7900kW, domestic hot water

So far, the development has a total of 17 Wessex ModuMax condensing boilers (34 modules) across 5 plant rooms providing a total output of 7900kW for their heating and hot water needs.

Nigel Hawkes, Technical Associate at Mott MacDonald – the consultants for the project said,

“The developer wanted to maximise the space available for flats and grounds which meant we had to design the plant rooms to be as compact as possible. Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax boilers were specified as they can be stacked vertically and fit on a very small footprint taking up minimal space in the plant rooms. Plus, with a seasonal efficiency of over 91% they meet with all the efficiency requirements outlined in the Building Regulations Part L.”

The plant rooms that service the flats each have a similar layout with four vertically stacked two high Wessex ModuMax boilers giving a total output of 2000kW for the space heating and domestic hot water for the block. Each flat has a hydraulic interface unit that acts as a heat exchanger between the community heating network and the internal heating/ hot water systems for occupants to have greater control of their heating and hot water.

Many of the dwellings are already in use and the development has won a number of awards including the Landscape Architecture for London Award. 

Wessex ModuMax floor standing condensing boilers from Hamworthy have a notably small footprint and can provide almost 1MW of output per square metre making them an ideal choice for district heating schemes with compact plant rooms and where space is of a premium. Available in 15 condensing models with outputs from 100kW to 750kW the boilers are fully modulating and able to respond rapidly to changes in demand.

The installation of a Merley boiler sequence controller ensures the boilers are controlled to modulate and match the demand of the heat network. This sequence boiler control enables even use across all boilers in the system for best efficiency.

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